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Somewhat related to my post yesterday on demographic trends. Richard Florida at The Atlantic took a first pass at US Census data and concluded that there is a huge brain drain in the US. Thinking about how we are perceived abroad (see below) it’s no wonder the U.S. is looking more and more undesirable.


Interesting infographic showing where the young (age 15 - 29) and educated will go. Singapore, Australia and New Zeeland seems to be leading this. It is also hopeful to note that at least the educated are interested in going to Sweden. 

Few educated are interested in moving to US… I can understand why. After moving back from San Francisco in 1996 I felt like I soon would move back again. After 9/11 that changed dramatically. Today I hesitate to even visit the US because of how authorities are sacrificing basic human rights for a gargantuan security charade which seems to be slugging wildly. That is definitely not the way to build a nation’s brand!

(via emergentfutures)