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Did OnEarth just kill Susan Rice’s career? It’s been discovered that a large chunk of her personal wealth comes from extensive oil and gas investments, most notably in Canadian tar sands. Will liberals continue to defend her?


The Tangled Finances Of Susan Rice

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500 Rhinos are illegally killed (poached) each year for their horns. The horns are imported (illegally) to Asia and sold as medicine. World Wildlife Fund kicked off a new campaign to save these endangered animals. In addition to their habitat shrinking from growing human populations, climate change affects their food sources, and, now, poaching is increasing the chances that they’re doomed to extinction.

"A new report from TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, documents the rising rhino poaching crisis in South Africa, detailing issues such as loopholes in sport hunting policy and surging demand for horn in Vietnam.

Vietnamese consumers—the main market for rhino horn—mistakenly believe in rhino horn’s detoxification properties, notes the report. Wealthy users grind up rhino horn and mix the powder with water or alcohol as a hangover cure and general health tonic. The horn is also consumed as a supposed cancer cure by terminally ill patients. Rhino horn traders deliberately target these patients as part of a cruel marketing ploy to increase the profitability of the illicit trade.”


"Every tree in urban Tennessee provides an estimated $2.25 worth of measurable economic benefits every year. Might not seem like a lot, but with 284 million urban trees in the state, the payoff’s pretty big.

Through energy savings, air and water filtering and carbon storage, the urban trees of Tennessee account for more than $638 million in benefits, according to a report [PDF] conducted by the Forest Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and released earlier this year.”

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Quick scan: Nothing new in the report. Though I notice that 1) married people reportedly are happier than singles (ho hum) and 2) people are happier in vibrant local communities.


The growing trend of ‘quantifying’ happiness continues to spread, this time with a United Nations Conference of Happiness (seriously) commissioned report. Both surreal and refreshing to hear. 

"Lam Tak-fai, acting head of Ports and Maritime Command, arranges rhino horns, part of a 33 rhino horns, ivory chopsticks and bracelets shipment seized by the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department, during a news conference in Hong Kong November 15. Hong Kong Customs seized on Tuesday a total of 33 rhino horns, 758 ivory chopsticks and 127 ivory bracelets, worth about HK$17.4 million ($2.23 million), inside a container shipped from Cape Town, South Africa, according the a customs press release."

Source: MSNBC