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Live stream of Bardarbunga volcano erupting in Iceland. For reasons.

The dried cocoa beans are used by the whites to make this," declared a happy farmer of cocoa beans in Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast).

Here, cocoa farmers in Africa taste chocolate for the first time in their lives. They’ve been growing and selling cocoa beans for decades, and didn’t know what the beans were used for. So says this video.

UPDATE: Here are some folks in Holland encountering a cocoa pod for the first time. They are equally stumped what the pod is. Quite funny…

That escalated quickly.

Incredible freak hail storm in Novosibirsk, Russia. It gets worse every second.

C’mon. Is this real? Anyone find a link for me?

UPDATE: It’s real! Here’s the video from NASA. It’s not gravity, it’s about charged particles.

(via discoverynews)

Interesting anti-LEGO campaign. Yes, anti-LEGO. Weelllll, actually, it’s a campaign to tell LEGO to end it’s relationship with Shell Oil. Check it out:

Children’s imaginations are an unspoilt wilderness. Help us stop Shell polluting them by telling LEGO to stop selling Shell-branded bricks and kits today. Sign our petition calling on LEGO to end its partnership with Shell to Save the Arctic at:

Site is overwhelmed right now, but keep refreshing.

Why do tens of thousands of these snakes converge in caves every year??


If this was the only thing on earth to survive, then what’s the point of living?" a sommelier from the NYTimes who taste-tested Soylent, a food replacement drink.

Tragic news from the Pacific North West: Mysterious sea star disease killing tens of thousands of starfish recorded in Oregon. Starfish are “tearing themselves apart” - literally the arms of the starfish crawl away from the body until they tear off, leaving behind a core that’s turned inside out. Some starfish “melt” into blobs, with no apparent explanation. It’s gory and it seems countless millions of these animals are dying up and down the entire Pacific coast of North America - reported from southern California to Alaska.

Cause is unknown, but suspects include bacteria, invasive species, or warming oceans and acidification from climate change.

The mysterious disease that has caused widespread sea star die-offs in Puget Sound is now killing dozens of sea stars off the Oregon Coast.

Divers with the Oregon Coast Aquarium made the discovery during a survey on April 27 that revealed 48 dead and dying sea stars in a 60-square-meter area in Yaquina Bay on Oregon’s central coast. The symptoms of wasting syndrome were seen in sunflower stars, ochre stars and giant pink stars.

Sea stars infected with the disease physically deteriorate before they die. In some cases, afflicted arms break off from the sea star’s body and walk away before dissolving completely. Scientists suspect a bacteria or virus is causing it, but they don’t know for sure. Until April, there had only been a few cases reported in Oregon.


Gavin Schmidt’s TED talk on detecting patterns of climate change.

A rather ominous overview of the IPCC’s new climate change reports from the Yale’s Forum on Climate Change and the Media. I really don’t think this format works beyond narrow audiences with some climate change knowledge. 

Asker kimmehcat Asks:
Dear Mr, cote, this is extremely important..Louie Psihoyos, (founder of the Oceanic Preservation Society) made another documentary called 6, the trailer was just released and it’s clear it will be life changing. Just from the trailer alone it’s clear this documentary is different, I just know it’s going to change the way even non-believers see climate change, and so I wanted to ask you if you had time to watch and share the trailer? I can't include it here, asks don't allow me to include links
climateadaptation climateadaptation Said:

Curious about the IPCC’s adaptation report? Here’s a free webinar discussing the report and its implications.