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WSJ reports Yahoo board has approved a $1.1 billion deal — in cash — to purchase Tumblr. 


Yahoo! is in talks to purchase Tumblr for estimated $1bn


imageCould this be the end of a good thing? It’s quite possibly so, if the news about Yahoo! being in serious talks to purchase Tumblr for an estimated $1 billion is true.

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Welp, it’s been a good run…

Any one else having this problem? I’m logged in, but I cannot ask fellow tumblrer’s questions. What do I do?

Update: Missing-e disabled, refresh or logging in/out doesn’t work, issue applies to Chrome and FF (like the rest of the world, I don’t use IE).

“ Looking forward to the day when people come to their senses and realize that infinite scroll is the work of the devil. ”

—    By Heather Champ

It’s like 2002 around tumblr these days… <blocked, reported as spam, and eff u>