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Examples of business journalists preying on their naive viewers.

 Cannibal lobsters a result of climate change? The Climate Desk’s worst video of all time. These kids really blew it this time. Ugg… 

Representative democracy.


Rep. Paul Broun (R – GA), member of House Science Committee, says that evolution, embryology, big bang theory are “lies straight from the pit of hell.”

Why doesn’t Apple buck-up and work with Google for mapping? What a shameful and plainly stupid waste of resources and brain power.



Berlin, Antarctica

aaah… Apple…

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Let me fix that headline for you: "Americans uniformed by news media"


Nearly two-thirds of Americans can’t name a single Supreme Court justice; can you?

(Photo: Larry Downing / Reuters file)

The Supreme Court has been making big headlines this summer, both with its split decision to upheld one part of a tough Arizona immigration law while striking down three other parts, and its decision to upheld the 2010 health care law, thus preserving President Obama’s landmark legislative achievement.

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I follow this batshiat-crazy tumblr called “Republican National Committee Research.” I have an interest in cities, architecture, and infrastructure and can’t help but notice how hilarioterrible this ad is. I should say first that, in my observations, RNC Research:

  1. Does not actually produce research. Nor do they produce information about the Republican party, and
  2. They primarily exist to create high-school level Obama attack ads.

This particular ad caught my eye. It shows Obama laughing, a quote “you didn’t build that” above him, and the 1929 Empire State Building in the background.

Everyone can agree, Obama did not build the Empire State Building - foreign trained architects designed it and (mostly) illegal immigrants built it. So, what’s the deal with this ad?

Great “research” guys…

Update: A few have pointed out that the quote, “you didn’t build that” is in reference to a speech Obama gave this week at Historic Fire Station No. 1, in Roanoke Virginia. He basically stated that no business could exist with out the help of family, friends, government, and other community support. The right scraped the above quote, called it a gaff, and turned it into a meme. Ironically, the subject matter used in the memes only prove Obama’s point - that nothing gets built without other people (sometimes legitimately, other times shadily) - as I showed above.

Meh, looks cringingly forced, dull, repetitive, and uninformative. Note that Martin Scorsese’s next film is called “Silver Ghost,” a documentary on making the luxury brand, Rolls Royce.


Thinking Sustainability: ‘Surviving Progress’ (Trailer)

From The National Film Board of Canada:

Surviving Progress is a stunning new feature documentary that connects the financial collapse, growing inequity, and the Wall Street oligarchy, with future technology, sustainability, and the fate of civilization. Inspired by Ronald Wright’s bestseller A Short History of Progress, filmmakers Mathieu Roy and Harold Crooks dig deep into human nature and patterns of history to challenge and redefine the very idea of progress.

(Poster source: First Run Features)

"The intensity of stupidity that is looking back at you <herzopause> is just amazing."

Tell that to a plant, how dangerous carbon dioxide is.

-Rick Santorum calling climate science bogus.  (via officialssay)

aka, Rick Santorum demonstrates that an American JD, masters, and a bachelors ain’t worth a shit… U.S. science education system is failing, hard.

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Apparently the only way Republicans know how to create jobs is to help their friends drill their big rods into sacred holes. Immoral “alternative lifestyle” indeed…

Update: Charges were dropped! See here. BUT, she is now charged with not licensing her dogs, faces 90+ days in jail. 

The city planner in me says she’ll lose. Her garden probably falls under the category of agriculture, which have very different land specs and location requirements. If I’m not mistaken, that white pipe cap sticking out near the side walk is her septic tank vent, which is underneath her garden. Either way, it’s a fine example of terrible city planning and horrible local governance.


This Is All Kinds Of Wrong of the Day: A woman in Oak Park, Michigan is being threatened with substantial jail time for having the audacity to grow vegetables in her front yard.

“The price of organic food is kind of through the roof,” says Julie Bass, who decided instead to grow her own after the city ripped out her grass to replace a sewer line. But the Oak Park officials think Bass’s new garden is unseemly, and have twice ordered her to remove it before slapping her with a misdemeanor.

According to Oak Park City Planner Kevin Rulkowski the city’s code states that “a front yard has to have suitable, live, plant material.” Says Bass, “[i]t’s definitely live. It’s definitely plant. It’s definitely material. We think it’s suitable.” But to Rulkowski “suitable” means “common.” “So,” he told FOX 2 News, “if you look around and you look in any other community, what’s common to a front yard is a nice, grass yard with beautiful trees and bushes and flowers.”

But in Bass’s community, a far more common front-yard sight is neighbors admiring her garden. “I have a bunch of little children and we take walks to come by and see everything growing,” says neighbor Devorah Gold. “I think it’s a very wonderful thing for our neighborhood.” “They don’t have (anything) else to do (if) they’re going to take her to court for a garden,” adds neighbor Ora Goodwin. In fact, every single neighbor approached by FOX 2 thought Bass should be allowed to keep her garden.

For her part, Bass says she intends to fight the city’s charge. “I could sell out and save my own self and just not have them bother me anymore,” she says, “but then there’s no telling what they’re going to harass the next person about.”

Her next pre-trail hearing has been set for July 26.

Watch FOX 2 News’s report below:

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