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The Dark Snow Project is about 50% funded. Scientists believe that increased droughts are causing more wildfires. These fires emit soot and ash into the air, called ‘black carbon.’ This black carbon circulates through the atmosphere and is deposited (in part) on glaciers and sea ice.

Scientists are finding that the black carbon absorbs heat from the sun, in turn causing the ice to melt faster than expected. The effect of melting ice is faster sea level rise, which will impact (in the least) coastal cities around the world.

The unique part of this project is that it is mostly funded by citizens like you. Really good project and highly recommend visiting their website,


Dark Snow Project: Climate Change and Citizen Science in Greenland

For the dark snow project to succeed, your help is needed.

Please visit and consider a tax deductible donation to this unique citizen science initiative, and helping expand the boundaries of knowledge in this critical area of climate science

by Peter Sinclair.

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Sampling Greenland: The Dark Snow Project

Over the past decade, the Greenland ice sheet has been getting darker, and less reflective, absorbing more solar energy. This past summer a record breaking melt extended over the entire surface area of the ice sheet.

Greenland expert Jason Box has been studying and publishing about this phenomenon, and has become concerned about the possible role of increasing wildfires worldwide, and increased darkening of the ice sheets.

The only way to nail the science is to go to the top of the ice sheet and take samples - Dr Box, along with Bill Mckibben, and videographer Peter Sinclair, are kicking off the Dark Snow project to raise funds for for such an expedition, the first crowd-sourced scientific expedition to the arctic.

News Release from Byrd Polar Center.

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GAH!!! Cringe! Researchers catch a tailless whip scorpion of doom.


Smarter Every Day 77 - The “Tailless Whip Scorpion”

Internet, meet the Tailless Whip Scorpion. Basically it’s nightmare fuel. For more info on this incredible animal, read this: by Smarter Every Day.

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