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In one email, an Anadarko employee expressed disappointment that BP had not disclosed some information related to the damage, prompting another to respond: “Bummer. I’m amazed that they did not tell us about this.”

Shushan also granted BP’s and Transocean’s request to keep out a June 2010 email from Halliburton employee Ryan Haire questioning their reported findings regarding some tests, saying he had no personal knowledge of those findings.

The judge also granted Halliburton’s request to exclude an email from a BP geologist to a colleague in February 2010, offering “thanks for the shitty cement job.”

Halliburton contended that the email was no more than a casual, tasteless joke made by one friend to another. Shushan concluded that there was no showing that the email was a “business record” of the cement work that could be introduced into evidence.

From “BP wins exclusion of emails from oil spill trial" by Jonathan Stempel in his coverage of the legal circus surrounding the BP/Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.