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Brazil Flooding Leaves Hundred 10,000+ Homeless

  • Scores dead
  • Dozens missing
  • 10,000 people homeless
  • Landslides burying roads and highways, making emergency response difficult
  • Months of rains caused the Amazon River to flood villages and towns
  • Flood waters headed to Peru, where massive evacuations are in the works

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Just five months after Chevron lost its drilling rights for causing the largest oil spill in recent memory off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, they’ve gone and done it again. According to Brazil’s National Petroleum Agency (ANP), Chevron has reported that a new leak of indeterminate size has been detected near the site of last November’s spill — and it could present a a major setback for the U.S. oil company’s ambitions to drill in the region’s oil-rich Frade Field.

Campos, Brazil January 5th.

An aerial photograph shows a break in highway BR 356 that was washed away after several days of heavy rains swelled the Muriae River in Campos, 142 miles northeast of Rio de Janeiro, Jan. 5, 2012. Civil Defense officials said the 4,000 residents of the town are being evacuated, and they expect the flooding to continue for three to four months.

[Credit : Holger Bennewitz / Reuters]

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This is a Fake. Supposedly, Banksy used a helicopter to graffiti the famous Jesus statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’s a striking image, but I’m calling it a clever photoshop. I scanned the national and regional Brazilian papers and there’s no mention of it. Second, since when has Banksy used a helicopter?? Third, there’s only on one source for this image, something called The Poke. The Poke quotes mayor ‘Romario Valdez.’ The Mayor of Rio de Janeiro is Eduardo Paes. Finally, the quasi-official banksy site has not authenticated. Fake.


BREAKING NEWS: Banksy, the international clandestine graffiti ninja, pulled off his greatest ever stunt last night (June 3), transforming Rio de Janeiro’s ‘Christ the Redeemer’ into a 39.6 metre high statue of Osama Bin Laden.

Hanging from the helicopter as it hovered in front of one of the world’s most famous landmarks, Banksy was able to finish his spray-paint amendments within a couple of hours. The affect is astonishing: Bin Laden’s arms outstretched as if waiting for death, the first bullet hole just appearing in his body.