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Legalized Rhino horn? Should the world create a controlled Rhino horn market? The animal is ‘renewable’ and funds could be used to protect habitat, breed healthy populations, debunk health myths, and generally lower the illicit trading of Rhino parts.

Read more about this interesting proposal, here.

Poacher sentenced to a record 40 years in prison. Tough sentence sets a new precedent and a warning to poachers. Video might be hard to watch for animal lovers.

Prints of the “The Collector” by my man Josh Keyes, an amazing painter based in Portland, is now on sale this week only. They’re 30 bones, of ultra-superior quality, and proceeds go to the International Rhino Foundation, which I also support.

Get yours at Tiny Showcase.

Allergic to the anesthesia in a tranquilizer dart.


Rhino dies in anti-poaching demonstration
Conservationists accidentally killed a rhinoceros they were attempting to make safe from poachers in a botched public relations event.

The rise of Asia.

Swiss museum saws horns off stuffed rhinos to prevent theft

The demand for rhino horn in Asia, where some see its ground-up powder as an aphrodisiac and even cancer-curing medicine, has driven prices to nearly $50,000 a pound — and with it a new type of crime: thieves breaking into museums and auction houses to tear the horns off stuffed specimens. [More]

Image: Lisa Schaeublin / Natural History Museum of Berne via Getty

Even our stuffed animals aren’t safe.

"Lam Tak-fai, acting head of Ports and Maritime Command, arranges rhino horns, part of a 33 rhino horns, ivory chopsticks and bracelets shipment seized by the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department, during a news conference in Hong Kong November 15. Hong Kong Customs seized on Tuesday a total of 33 rhino horns, 758 ivory chopsticks and 127 ivory bracelets, worth about HK$17.4 million ($2.23 million), inside a container shipped from Cape Town, South Africa, according the a customs press release."

Source: MSNBC