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I ate at a robot restaurant in MSP Int’l Airport. Each seat has one of these tablets (not sure the brand). And each seat has two electric outlets including two for a USB. You can see the USB ports on the outlet on the left. The wood is fake, so are the leather seats. TV screens hung from nearly every wall surface. I’m not sure if you can see it, but can you see the steam behind the counter? I can’t be 100% sure, but I’d swear it was artificial, like that fake smoke at clubs. Even the battery operated candle had a fake flicker.

To order food and drinks, you swipe and poke at the tablet, which, btw, also has full internet access. After you order, you pay by swiping your credit card on a swiper nearby (out of frame).

About five minutes later a server delivers your order, which looks nearly identical(!) to the meal in the photos. Eerie. If you need something, there is red “Assistance” button on the bottom right of the tablet (you can see it on the tablet above). Push that, and someone comes over and asks “How may I assist you?”

All the diners had forks in one hand while swiping news or email on the tablet with the other. The place was spookily silent. Everyone’s heads were down, focused on the screens, and shoveling food in their mouths, as if sedated.

We live in the future.

"Quaker Steak & Lube" Greenville, South Carolina. I took a quick trip to visit family. They live near this, thing.

WOW! It’s a restaurant tree house! Check out that spiral staircase.


Japanese Tree House, Naha Harbor Diner, Okinawa

Naha Harbor Diner sits perfectly on top of a massive Gajumaru, Japan, tree’s huge branches about 20 ft above the ground and looking out over the ocean. The restaurant which is accessible by both a spiral stairway and an inbuilt tree trunk elevator specializes in locally grown and organically harvested foods brought straightaway from the farms. It dishes out fresh vegetables, juicy chickens and pork and native salts thereby cutting down the expenses of shipping and packaging along with a reduction in carbon and plastic wastes.