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Interesting. But, how many companies are affected? I can’t imagine very many.


Court Rules That NRC Can No Longer Accept Assurances a Permanent Waste Repository Is Coming

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said it would stop issuing licenses for nuclear plants until it addresses problems with its nuclear-waste policy that were raised by a recent federal appeals court decision.

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Proposed ski-slope envelops the smoke stack of a power plant in downtown Copenhagen. He believes public projects should be playful destinations, rather than secluded, large-scale industrial sites. 

"When you spend 3.5bn kroner [£424m] creating an energy plant in the middle of Copenhagen you make sure it doesn’t become an ugly box that the neighbours will protest against and clutters the cityscape," he said.

 You have to make sure it becomes a public park, an attraction. And when the kids come to go skiing on top of the plant they will probably be curious to find out what’s going on inside the mountain.” Read more here.

Below, Ingel’s energetic presentation, which is one of TED’s most viewed.

Above, a photo I took in Copenhagen earlier this year. Ingel’s designed this apartment building, and spoke about it in his TED presentation.