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It’s going to be one heck of a year…

Phoenix Arizona’s pyramid of complexities looks shakier than most because it stands squarely in the crosshairs of climate change. The area, like much of the rest of the American Southwest, is already hot and dry; it’s getting ever hotter and drier, and is increasingly battered by powerful storms. Sandy and Katrina previewed how coastal cities can expect to fare as seas rise and storms strengthen.

Phoenix pulls back the curtain on the future of inland empires. If you want a taste of the brutal new climate to come, the place to look is where that climate is already harsh, and growing more so — the aptly named Valley of the Sun.
Asker Anonymous Asks:
Thoughts on Phoenix New Times column Solar Eclipsed: Why the Sun Won't Power Phoenix Despite an Industry Boom?
climateadaptation climateadaptation Said:

Hey anon,

Sorry, I’m not an energy guy, I’m into environmental risk.

I will note that, like most environmental articles, it concludes with zero solutions. Many of my long-term followers will know this is a pet peeve of mine.

Journalists have to get with the program in this regard when they present a problem to the public. They should, in 2013 and going forward, equally invest exploring options and solutions to the same extent as they used to get the facts of the story. There are plenty of tools and techniques he could have discussed to respond to this problem. Why didn’t he present solutions? That article is 5,000 words long! 10x the length of regular reports!

I think you should demand that, going forward, half his words should be dedicated to exploring options. Not pushing them, but discussing them as a way of “informing the public of the facts.” You might be surprised by the response if you ask.

Did you know that you can shape how subsidies work? Did you know that you can submit your own draft legislation? Did you know that you can help change the permitting, building, and zoning laws in your town? Probably not. Yet those are the very solutions that this long-winded article leaves out.

Write to the author and demand he stop with the old school journalism and start empowering his readers with real tools to stop the harms he’s exposing. (He might respond with some lazy trope that he can’t dip into advocacy. He’s wrong. Exploring 5 or 10 solutions to a problem is providing factual information. Journalists know the difference. So, preempt this scaredy-cat reply by asking what’s the point of reporting any problem if it’s not subsuming a public action for change?). 



Just don’t say “Haboob” in Arizona…

BLOWN AWAY    A dust storm, known as a “haboob,” moves across Phoenix, Arizona about 6pm Thursday, dramatically reducing visibility and enveloping residents in an eerie, rust-coloured glow. It’s the third major dust storm that has hit the Phoenix metropolitan area since July 5; “microbursts” of wind, gusting up to 60 miles per hour, caused much of the area damage.  (Photo: Pat Shannahan / The Arizona Republic via the AP / The Telegraph)

(via inothernews)

nevver just posted better pics of the dust storm in Pheonix via LATimes. 


End of Days

Freak dust storm in Phoenix, Arizona. Airport temporarily closed. Gallery and video, here.