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Da hale kind of attitude is “if you’re into that sort of thing”?


Join the President in protecting the planet, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Google “Obama environmental record”:

  • "Climate Bill, R.I.P." - Rolling Stone (a must read)
  • "Assessing Obama’s Environmental Record" - Yale
  • "Varied Views on Obama’s Environmental Record" - NYTimes’s Revkin
  • "Green Groups Struggle with Obama’s Mixed Environmental Record" - HuffPo
  • "Obama Increases Domestic Oil Drilling" - NYTimes
  • "Under attack from the left, White House defends Obama’s environmental record" - Houston Chronicle

Let’s be clear: Obama approved the Keystone XL oil pipeline, allowed arctic oil drilling in Alaska, increased natural gas fracking, doubled-down on deepwater ocean oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, approved several foreign mining operations on public lands, ditched the UN’s climate conference, and, one of my favorites that I’ve blogged extensively about - subverted the ESA to allow hunting wolves.

Obama’s legacy on the environment will be apocalyptic.