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"Quaker Steak & Lube" Greenville, South Carolina. I took a quick trip to visit family. They live near this, thing.

BULL. SHIT! BULLSHIT BULLSHIT BULLSHIT! Houston has some of the worst stats of any city over 500k/1 million in the United States. Fastcompany, FIRE YOUR INTERNS! 

Houston is highest in:

Shall I go on? I am so sick of Fastcompany’s crap “reporting”. “Oh goody, Houston’s got a gay mayor, so give’em a prize and ignore the scourge of highest rates of death, pollution, drugs, murder, etc. in the country.”



“We’re a diverse city of 2.1 million residents, with A-list universities, top museums, and the world’s largest and arguably best medical center. We have a vibrant business community and more Fortune 500 company HQs than any other city except New York, including food giant Sysco, Waste Management, and the expected oil-and-gas titans. Annise Parker became our mayor last year, making Houston the largest U.S. city ever to be run by an openly gay person. Yet we are often misperceived.”

There’s apparently more to Houston than many realize.  Photo credit: Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau.


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This shifts in tone around the 8 minute mark, when Steve Holland, rep from Mississippi, steps up to the plate. His work out group lost 1,000 pounds in two weeks.


Southword: Living Large In Mississippi – NPR filmmakers explore what makes bad food so good, examining issues of appetite and health in America’s most obese county

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Whoa, Al Jazeera FTW! They decide to cover the American fast food industry.