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I’m VERY skeptical of National Wildlife Federation’s claim that these polar bears dug into the soil to cool down. NWF claims that these particular bears were over heated and needed to cool down their body temperatures. Cute, but I don’t believe it for a second! Here’s the description of these pics from the the NWF’s bleeding-heart blog post: 

Heartbreaking new photos of polar bears in Hudson Bay show just how real the climate situation is for the hungry and stressed bears, as news continues to break on their steep decline and worsening condition.

The heat-stressed polar bears were digging holes in the dirt, trying to stay cool by lying on the permafrost below. The photos were taken by Larry Schweiger, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation. He just returned from the Hudson Bay in Canada, where he and scientists observed the polar bears. His polar bear photos are available for sharing (credit the National Wildlife Federation).

Wrong. This is exactly how polar bears sleep. They dig shallow holes to curl up in, hold their backs against the wind, and nap for about 8 hours.

Misleading blog posts like the above contribute to science illiteracy. The NWF should show 1) that these particular bears don’t normally sleep like this. After all, this is how polar bears sleep - explain why are these bears an exception. 2) Show the baseline data that these particular bears were in fact heat stressed. These guys look fat and healthy. 3) Show that these bears actually cooled off after their nap. In the least, show a correlation between heat stress and cooling off vis a vis digging a hole. And 4) show where and how the bears learned this behavior. After all, temperatures do swing in the Arctic. Polar bears are prepared for these normal swings.

I just see polar bears doing their normal sleepy time. And that these photos were taking from a helicopter on a long-lens, which tells me the bears weren’t actually baselined nor studied.

I’ve left a note for the blog post’s author to clarify and will post an update.

National Wildlife Federation’s Photo of the Day, a humpback whale breaches the surface while feeding.

Leaders to speak and then have a conversation with attendees at the UNFCCC Climate Conference today. Intimate setting. I’ve inquired about streaming video, and will post a link if available. Hosted by Ban Ki-moon, he brings in a dazzling set of guest speakers, including both Clintons, President Barack Obama, Helen Clark, and many others. See below for details. Reblog widely. I’ll update this post as the day progresses.

Advancing Public-Private Partnerships for REDD+ and Green Growth

  The Hotel Southern Sun Elangeni

63 Snell Parade, Durban, South Africa

Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2011, from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. 

Avoided Deforestation Partners and co-host Dr. Jane Goodall invite you to an afternoon of discussion dedicated to forest-climate protection, in tribute to the late Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai, with:

His Excellency Ban Ki-moon

Secretary-General of the United Nations

President Barack Obama – President of the United States (Special Video Message)

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE – Founder, Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace (host)

Hon. Helen Clark – Administrator, UNDP, and former Prime Minister of New Zealand

Hon. Mary Robinson – President of Mary Robinson Foundation, former President of Ireland

Hon. Hillary Rodham Clinton – United States Secretary of State (Special Video Message)

Hon. William Clinton – Former President of the United States (Special Video Message)

Achim Steiner – UNEP Executive Director, UN Under-Secretary-General

Dr. Andrew Steer – World Bank, Special Envoy for Climate Change

Wanjira Maathai – The Green Belt Movement, (daughter of the late Wangari Maathai)

Hon. José Endundo Bononge – DRC, Minister of Environment

Hon. Tina Joemat-Pettersson – South Africa, Minister of Agriculture

Hon. Kjetil Lund – Norway, Ministry of Finance and Co-Chair, Green Climate Fund

Hon. Kuntoro Mangkusubroto - Indonesia, Head of the President’s Unit on REDD

Hon. Toga Gayewea McIntosh – Liberia, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Jonathan Pershing – United States, Deputy Special Envoy for Climate Change

Hon. Norbert Röttgen – Germany, Minister for Environment

Hon. Eric Solheim – Norway, Minister of the Environment

Dr. Jason Clay – World Wildlife Fund-US, Senior Vice President

Larry Schweiger – National Wildlife Federation, President and CEO

Peter Seligmann – Conservation International, CEO and Chairman

Sean de Cleene – Yara International, Vice President Global Business Initiatives

Puvan Selvanathan – Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, Vice President, Executive Board

Update 1: My reading is the event was kept secret until Tuesday, Dec. 6 late afternoon

Update 2: As of Dec. 7, 1:30am, event has not been listed on the climate conference program @COP17