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Scout leader to face charges after toppling ancient, 170 million year-old geologic formation in Goblin Valley State Park in Utah.

Sea Ice Changes Begin Affecting Vegetation On Land

Great maps! Check out the study. Also, shout out to Alaska Public Radio! Hi guys!

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Students Win Seed Money To Make Flour From Insects

Mohammed Ashour has a big order to fill: By March 2014, he has to deliver 10 tons of grasshoppers to customers in Mexico.

He and four other MBA students at McGill University in Montreal have a plan to farm insects in poor countries and turn them into flour that can be used in everything from bread to corn tortillas. And on Monday, former President Bill Clinton handed them $1 million to make it happen.

The team, which includes Ashour, Shobhita Soor, Jesse Pearlstein, Zev Thompson and Gabe Mott, received the for social entrepreneurs at the Clinton Global Initiative’s annual meeting. The seed funding will go to their project, , which aims to make insect-based food products available year-round to people living in some of the world’s poorest slums.

The project is launching at a time when a lot of people are looking to spice up the idea of eating super-nutritious insects, which some are calling “mini-livestock.” From the , insects are inspiring restauranteurs, entrepreneurs (check out the ) and researchers. As The Salt in May, the United Nations agricultural arm released a supporting iron- and protein-rich insects for dinner because of their nutritional, environmental and economic appeal.


What do Jesuit priests, gin and tonics, and ancient Chinese scrolls have in common? They all show up in our animated history of malaria.

Story by NPR’s Adam Cole.

As His Home Melts Away, Teenager Sues Alaska

Interesting legal argument. Unfortunately, the case will fail. It is up to politicians, the people’s representatives, to pass clear laws that regulate emissions.

Update: I’m referring here to the legal doctrine called, rather benignly, the 'Political Question'. Hundreds of cases have been thrown out of courts because judges rule the question is not one for the courts to answer, but for politicians to figure out. It is fascinating to think that the courts are self-selectively too weak to make determination in a case brought before them on the presumption that politicians are better able to create a certain laws. The courts in some cases meekly punt to politicians (of all people) to respond to issues that affect nearly everyone in the U.S.

Desert Tortoise Faces Threat From Its Own Refuge

Rare North American Desert Tortoise to be euthanized. Land owners once paid a fee that went to Desert Tortoise conservation. But the real estate market tanked, drying up the funding source. The lesson learned - with respect to species conservation - is beware of “win-win” agreements between the feds and free market players. A species will out last any economic trend, the free market (bless its little heart) does not live by that same rule.

Via NPR.

OK Go: A Tiny Desk Concert In 223 Takes : NPR

Stay for the applause. 

Head Of Environmental Division Is Leaving Justice Dept. : NPR


Cool project to revisit news stories that made a big splash back in the day. First up: a giant floating barge of garbage from 1987.

-Jody, BL Show-

Imagine revisiting a big scandal from the past in video form. That (seems) to be what Retro Report is all about. Fantastic! Want more!

The original on Flickr is fantastic! Alas, the suburbs still kinda suck…


The Cav via Flickr:

I took these images from my rooftop after my wife and I saw this storm coming up. I could see that the cloud was beginning to twist into a tornado with a rainbow underneath it….how weird is that?! It was 8pm with the sun setting which made the color of everything on the yellow/orange side.

It was sunny all day until we heard thunder. This storm was moving away from me otherwise my wife might have yelled me down from the roof. The neighbours were out watching too. It was quite the spectacle. The result of this storm is that it faded away into cloud patterns but not before dumping golf-ball sized hail on farms 3 miles out of town. There was major damage to cars, trucks, roofs with a few horses being spooked!

HT The Earth Story

“ We have a situation where no significant reform can be enacted in our congress without getting approval from the special interests first. ”


Al Gore, talking to Brian Lehrer about money in politics, fracking, China, free trade and more. Listen (via wnyc)

Gore is plugging his new book, The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change. Much talk about China’s new carbon tax and carbon trading pilot programs. Worth listening to.