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San Jose Police Department ships their military equipment back to the Pentagon. Not my usual climate-y enviro-y post, just thought this is fantastic.


This is brilliant.

(via thothofnorth)

How is this on tumblr in 2001?? I was searching around for a Groucho Marx quote and came across the above search return on google. Tumblr in 2001? What the what?

Reid Wiseman. Astronaut.

Cynicism didn’t put a man on the moon. Cynicism didn’t win women the right to vote. Cynicism did not get a Civil Rights Act signed. Cynicism has never won a war. Cynicism has never cured a disease. Cynicism has never started a business. Cynicism has never fed a young mind. I do not believe in a cynical America; I believe in an optimistic America that is making progress.

That escalated quickly.


The President is answering your questions tomorrow, and it will be awesome. Tune in Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET on

You know, if you’re hip to all these things.

Tuesday, 4pm est!


Testing a Space Rover Under Alaskan Ice.

Robot/rover floats, wirelessly receives instructions via satellite, and basically “walks” on the underside of sea ice. NASA aims to send one to Europa.

Why do tens of thousands of these snakes converge in caves every year??


Nearly a billion fans will be watching the World Cup games, are you one of them? If not and you’re wondering what the big deal is, watch this clip — I break down everything you need to know about the World Cup.

Actually, this is a pretty good World Cup explainer by Katie Couric.

If this was the only thing on earth to survive, then what’s the point of living?" a sommelier from the NYTimes who taste-tested Soylent, a food replacement drink.

School girls are supposedly located but not yet rescued.


On May 25, 2014, President Barack Obama made a surprise visit to Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan, where he spoke to U.S. service members and civilian personnel and thanked them for their service.

Interesting. Also, the State Dept. has a tumblr?!