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The Crisis in Climate Reporting.”  - An event by climate, environment, and media experts on how journalists are a critical conduit to discussing climate change.

The speakers explored several practical solutions and then launch into a decent Q&A. Some were simple, such as directing readers to share their reading materials or collaborate with authors from various news outlets (e.g., Mother Jones partnering with, say, Washington Post to work on and cross-post the same stories, which would reach different audiences.). It was good to hear some practical solutions rather than esoteric brainstorming.

The public is poorly served by reports about climate change that follow familiar lines and surface only when there’s a severe weather event or UN conference; meanwhile, media outlets like the New York Times are scaling back on environmental reporting.

Orion and media watchdog Free Press convened a panel of authors and activists (including Kate Sheppard, M. Sanjayan, Bill McKibben, and others) to propose concrete actions for improving the state of climate reporting in the mainstream media.

Climate Science Communications Week is winding down at Climate Adaptation!  For the entire week of Feb. 18 - 23, I covered how climate change is discussed by the media, scientists, researchers, academics, and politicians. If you have sources or ideas on communicating climate change, send to:

An analysis by the Union of Concerned Scientists found that 93 percent of Fox News’ recent climate change coverage was misleading. Over the last two years, several leading scientists have told Media Matters the same thing, calling Fox’s climate change stories “completely wrong,” “patently false,” and “utter nonsense.” Here are ten scientists who have criticized Fox for distorting science to downplay the threat of climate change:

1). Scientist Called Fox’s Global Warming Claims “Utter Nonsense.”
2). Climate Scientist Criticized Fox For Promoting “Completely Wrong” And “Simply Ignorant” Claims From Global Warming “Expert” Bastardi.
3). But Fox Hosted Bastardi Again To Make Claims A MIT Scientist Called “Utter Rubbish.”
4). Lead Author Of Study Called Fox’s Global Warming Story “Patently False.”
5). Polar Bear Scientist: Fox Missed “The Bigger Picture” On Polar Bear Populations.
6). Lead Author Of Wind Farm Study Debunked Fox’s “Misleading” Coverage.
7). Solar Physicist Called Fox’s “Mini Ice Age” Prediction “A Huge Leap.”
8). Climate Change Contrarian Said Fox’s Mention Of Him “Does Not Make Sense.”
9). Syracuse Geochemist: Fox Coverage “Completely Misrepresent[s] Our Conclusions.”
10). Stanford Scientist: Fox’s Coverage Did “Not Accurately Portray Our Findings.”
Read what each had to say at Media Matters.

"Media Matters" is a non-profit that monitors, critiques, and helps correct the media’s coverage of today’s news. The above reactions are from climate scientists are to comments made by FOX News’s frequent climate denier/guest, Joe Bastardi. Bastardi is not a climate scientist or researcher, nor is he peer-reviewed published.

Let me fix that headline for you: "Americans uniformed by news media"


Nearly two-thirds of Americans can’t name a single Supreme Court justice; can you?

(Photo: Larry Downing / Reuters file)

The Supreme Court has been making big headlines this summer, both with its split decision to upheld one part of a tough Arizona immigration law while striking down three other parts, and its decision to upheld the 2010 health care law, thus preserving President Obama’s landmark legislative achievement.

(via nbcnews)

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The New York Times has the best msm environmental coverage in the world. Here is a list of the NYTimes’s environment and science pages. Definitely worth bookmarking (hit me up if I missed some pages):

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