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Asteroid “2012 DA14” safely passed by Earth late Friday. NASA feed via NYTimes’s Andrew Revkin.


Interview With An Astrophysicist: “There Are No Plans to Save People From Asteroids. It’s a Waste of Money.”

GQ: What if there’s another one?! What are you going to do to save us?

Astrophysicist: Eh, there’s no plans to save people from asteroids. It’s a waste of money.

GQ: Really?

Astrophysicist: Yeah, mostly.

GQ: So we’re all left alone?

Astrophysicist:Global warming is a bigger deal. Worry about that.

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Sober scientist.

Video of a meteorite exploding over the southern Ural Mountains, Russia.

Bangkok Post reports property damage, no casualties.

"A meteorite exploded above the Chelyabinsk region (of the Urals). The shock wave blew out windows in several places," but no meteor fragments hit the ground, an emergencies ministry spokesman told the Interfax news agency.

"According to the preliminary information, four people were injured by flying glass," the ministry added.

An agency report spoke of several injuries.

Witnesses cited by news agencies spoke of hearing loud explosions which led to panic among residents.