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Looks like a fantastic app.

Designed for Congressional staff and Members, but useful for everybody - search all bills in the current session of Congress, annotate as you read, do your homework (endorsing and opposing statements from advocacy orgs, summary statistics on voter sentiment, read letters from constituents). Good to see technology and Big Data being leveraged to make that bastion of slow progress (the federal government) a little more efficient.

Education at the expense of the environment. iRonic.

Visualization Explorer – NASA releases ambitious new science education iPad app, inviting kids to explore video and images captured with NASA’s powerful satellites 

(via thenextweb)

Baker Hughes created a nifty Rig Count oil and rig app that updates weekly. It has maps, rig types, depths, types of drilling, and more. Really cool stuff, and should provide a lot of info for oil bloggers out there.

Currently, it’s available on iphone and ipad, but I’m sure an Android version is forthcoming. The point? It shows how many rigs are working in the United States, and how many are not. Obama recently said that most rigs are not working, and he wants them to kick it up a notch. From NPR (vis Forbes):

In the Gulf of Mexico, 34 million acres with an estimated 11.6 billion barrels of oil have been leased. That means companies can indeed drill in those areas. Only 6.3 million acres are currently being drilled.

On land, 54 percent of onshore acres under lease, and approved in the last two years, are not undergoing any exploration or development at this time.

Source: The Two-Way