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Road most definitely closed…

People look at the landslide after a heavy rainstorm collapsed a section of a coastal bluff road in San Pedro, Calif. There were no injuries and no property was damaged. A Los Angeles official says the stretch of road that collapsed is likely irreparable and a new route for the scenic roadway will have to be considered. 

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Wow. Can’t imagine eminent domain working at large scales like this anymore. Everything is already built (sort of). Also, I’ve really been swooning over the LATimes.tumblr, lately…

July 31, 1958: Lomie Puckett stands guard to prevent bulldozers from leveling her Edendale house for the construction of the Golden State Freeway. Puckett wanted more money than offered for the house.

Read more about the incident on Framework.

Photo credit: John Malmin / Los Angeles Times

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Gibraltar Airport in the densely populated Gibraltar, a British territory in southern Spain. Notice there is a highway that crosses the runway, center right. Whenever a plane takes off or lands, the road closes with a gate, just like a railroad crossing. Eventually the government will bury the road in an underground tunnel. Neat, eh? 

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