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Delaying action is a false economy: For every $1 of investment in cleaner technology that is avoided in the power sector before 2020, an additional $4.30 would be needed to be spent after 2020 to compensate for the increased emissions.
A quote from the 2011 World Energy Outlook report by the International Energy Agency. The agency warns that we are on the path to 11-degree warming if we don’t curb emissions now. (via centerforinvestigativereporting)
Bloomberg Businessweek eviscerates BP. L/R article here, with podcast. Listening now. 

Bloomberg Businessweek eviscerates BP. L/R article here, with podcast. Listening now. 


If you think your electricity bill is a joke, get a load of this. The United States spends more than $20 billion per year on air conditioning for troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. As NPR reports, that’s more than the entire operating budget for NASA.

This infuriating post has only 19 likes/reblogs. It’s was posted at lunch time est, Monday June 27th. Compare to Lady GaGa’s new tumblr, which has 5 posts in less than a day. Only five posts, and they’re all stupidapocalypse. How many likes/reblogs do these posts have? 12,000. Five posts, one day, TWELVE THOUSAND likes/reblogs!


Update II: It’s $20 billion, per year, not cumulatively. Second, as the article points out, servicing the A/C increases troops danger, not decreases it - over 1,000 troops died transporting fuel for air conditioned tents. This number doesn’t reflect losses while troops were away from their posts and on the convoys. Read the article. Third, liberals demonstrably support our troops. They do not support pissing away taxpayer money. Recall the $7 part that contractors charged $1,800 the US Army? That’s the issue - waste and shady contractors. Best to address it together, we can do it!

Update III: TWENTY EIGHT THOUSAND in 36 hours. 

Asian Carp, an invasive species that is killing other fish and costing governments millions in areas of eradication, tourism, ecosystem services, and restoration. Nasty fish. “All four of the Asian carps that are established in the United States spread quickly after introduction, became very abundant, and hurt native fishes either by damaging habitats or by consuming vast amounts of food. Common and grass carps destroy habitat and reduce water quality for native fishes by uprooting or consuming aquatic vegetation.” -USGSSee also a documentary, here, on why the Asian Carp matters.


Fishing Boat Engulfed by Jumping Asian Carp


Talisman Energy, a Canadian natural gas company, has a coloring book for kids about the glories of fracking! It stars “Talisman Terry” who is called “the friendly fracosaurus.” No really. This isn’t an Onion article, it’s an actual piece of propaganda by the natural gas fracking industry. It’s using this as part of an outreach strategy in Pennsylvania, where it has a lot of business and has been distributing them locally. It has puppies, kittens, American flags, the aforementioned friendly fracosaurus and a whole lot of not mentioning the controversies that surround the natural gas and fracking industries. It also tries to teach children that fracking produces rainbows and smiling suns (see above photo from the coloring book). Via Think Progress.

The coloring book is here: Fracking Coloring Book (PDF). 
See also the Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette’s article, “Color me fracked: Energy industry produces coloring book to make case for gas drilling to kids"   

Sunspotgatehoaxapacolpyse 2011! IT’S THE EOTW!!!!!!!


Despite semi-hysterical reports you may be hearing in the media, sunspot experts want to make this very clear:

We may see sunspot activity go into a short hibernation (called the Maunder Minimum), but this does not mean we are going into a mini-Ice Age. I want to ram that point home, because as back-asswards as some of our climate policy is these days, I’d half expect there to be calls to pump extra CO2 into the atmosphere to give us some extra warmth. Ahh, the warm wool blanket of fossil fuel exhaust, just what a maybe-frozen Earth needs.

Ok, so if you hear someone mention this, smack them with a knowledge stick and say “Not so fast!”

I just not added this to my netflix queue. Despite its four star(!) rating.



We ignore the threat of rogue glaciers at our own peril.

I’m not completely certain of the exact legal precedent in a case like this, but I’m pretty sure this movie is so bad and so scientifically inaccurate that it is illegal

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Looks like another politician got caught lying today. This time a climate denying state senator from Minnesota got busted for lying to the public about his resume, his “college degree,” and for taking science classes. He used these “facts” in a manner to shape policy in Minnesota. But, really, who cares? I highly doubt that he’ll be forced to resign for lying about his credentials. After all, it’s not a scandal that rises to such incredible national significance as tweeting your dong.

Jungbauer, who sits on the state’s Senate Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications Committee, proudly calls himself the “No. 1 global warming denier in Minnesota.” He also claims to have a bachelor’s degree from the Moody Bible Institute with a “background in biochemistry.” The first claim is easy enough to believe, but as for the second, MinnPost reported yesterday that Jungbauer never graduated, and that the closest thing he has to a bachelor’s of science is a ministerial ordainment from Christian Motorsports International, which provides “chapel services” at “races, car shows, cruise-ins, and tractor pulls.”

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Humanity is doomed.
controversial climate critic Bjorn Lomborg, rambling incoherently in his latest op-ed for Newsweek. He’s plugging his new climate change movie, Cool It.

John Garvey, a resident of Springfield, MA, snapped this photo of the tornado that touched down minutes ago. Severe weather continues in the area as tornado watches continue in several parts of the Northeast.



John Garvey, a resident of Springfield, MA, snapped this photo of the tornado that touched down minutes ago. Severe weather continues in the area as tornado watches continue in several parts of the Northeast.


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, June 1, marks the official start of the 2011 North Atlantic hurricane season, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been working closely with its federal, state, local and tribal partners, the private sector, voluntary organizations and the entire emergency management team to ensure we are ready for the upcoming season.  As part of those efforts, today, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate, along with other partners, will brief President Obama on the federal government’s preparations for the upcoming season. Read the rest below the jump -

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June 1 marks the first day of the Atlantic hurricane season, and the National Hurricane Center has released the list of names for potential 2011 storms.

There are six different lists of storm names that are rotated from year to year. The list from 2011 will be used again in 2017, but the names…