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Some Help for Artists, Galleries, Private Collections and Museums Impacted by Hurricane Sandy

As the Eastern Seaboard continues to recover from Hurricane Sandy, those impacted by the devastating storm are slowly coming to terms with the shock of losing art, furniture and other possessions, but we want them to know there are a few resources that can possibly help them with their recovery.

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You all know by now I love wolves. And I have incredible respect for those who work to enforce America’s environmental laws, like the Endangered Species Act. The Center for Biological Diversity and Defenders of Wildlife are the heavy hitters in animal and habitat protection (they sue the shit out of the federal government to enforce environmental policy, which is a good thing).

In between my climate and environmental posts, every once in a while I post a donations/petition link for wolf protection. This one is important, as there’s only two weeks left:

The Interior Department just announced plans to approve the mass killing of Wyoming wolves on August 31. We have only three weeks to prepare an emergency legal case to stop the slaughter. 

Wyoming’s plan will allow wolves to be indiscriminately killed outside Yellowstone National Park and a few other safe havens: 80 percent of the state will become a wolf-killing zone.

That means close to 200 wolves — highly social animals with intricate family structures — will be shot or trapped to death. If the government has its way, it will be open season on Wyoming’s wolf families.

The Center for Biological Diversity can save Wyoming’s wolves. With an unparalleled record of stopping wolf killing in the northern Rockies, Oregon, the Southwest and the Great Lakes, our lawyers and activists are the best in the business at saving endangered species.

Help stop this nightmare for wolves in the northern Rockies by making a donation today to our Emergency Wolf Protection Fund and passing this appeal along to your networks.

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Google Crisis Center provides resources for victims of Typhoon Sendong. Shelters, donation centers, updates from Philippines government. There are also geocoded youtube videos of the typhoon.


A “triple whammy,” as the state’s parks chief put it, of drought, heat and wildfires has set the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department back millions of dollars in visitors fees, and officials are asking for $4.6 million in donations.


Whoaa. Is this real?? 



Gmail extension to scan your emails and reveal campaign donations.

This is fantastic. Install it here.

Energy magnate Charles Koch donates to FSU. In exchange, his foundation chooses which faculty to hire. Does anyone know if this is common? Hit me up.


Florida State University’s Economics department recently accepted money from conservative billionaire Charles Koch.  The donations would provide the econ. department with two new faculty members but there’s a hitch - faculty members would not choose who to hire (which is how academic departments traditionally hire) but rather they’d be chosen by the Charles Koch’s foundation.  


Needless to say that many of the faculty at Florida State are unhappy with this decision.  Today professors Ray Bellamy and Kent Miller outlined their objections in the Tallahassee Democrat.  The Democrat firewalls its content so below are the major points that Bellamy and Miller make.  

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