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Millions of sandbags now being cleaned up after successful, collective, and volunteer efforts by good folks and smart politicians. Billions of dollars were saved in terms of homes, businesses, parks, rivers, farms, and natural habitat. The mid-west experienced record floods this year and emergency preparedness helped save lives. 

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@KeithKloor: “In recent weeks, disaster porn has mutated with concerns about climate change to produce an orgy of writhing, conflated arguments.” Reminds me of an old related @dotearth post on “The Porn Factor in the Climate Fight.”

Why, hello there Huricane Adrian!

Tide of Destruction: The Two Gulfs. Steve McCurry 2010/1991. McCurry is one of the world’s greatest photographers. The photos above were taken in Kuwait, Iraq in 1991 after Saddam Hussein set his oil fields on fire. Twenty years later, it still remains one of the world’s worst environmental disasters.

Saddam’s army deliberately spilled as much as six million barrels of crude as they blasted pipelines, and emptied loaded tankers into the Persian Gulf.  Everything that wasn’t spilled into the water was set on fire.

Source: Steve McCurry’s Blog

Some have argued that we should stop using Detroit as groundzero for disasterbation. I disagree. The situation in Detroit has inspired more young people to get involved with city planning, economic development, and local politics. Artists, entrepreneurs, builders, farmers, VC’s, city planners, etc., are flocking to Detroit to try to save it. Shrinking cities phenomenon has an upside and a positive outcome, and that is more civic involvement, and a better quality of life. 


Anyone who has poked around Detroit or even just seen the now ubiquitous images of its sprawling desolation is bound to have conflicting reactions. The city is a staggering spectacle, but the question of what exactly it is you’re looking at—or, more precisely, seeing—is something of an ethical and aesthetic litmus test in an age of so many artfully composed portraits of devastation. Detroit’s photographers manage to turn suffering into a still-life. Read more …

Pictures of tornado damage in Massachusetts. My buddy works in downtown Springfield. He’s a transportation planner and took some pictures of the damage. Crazy! And the weather has been going crazy all day, even as I type this.  


Pictured above: President Obama visits some of the homes in Joplin, Missouri, on Sunday that were destroyed by a massive tornado that killed well over 100 people when it swept through on April 24.

See more Joplin, Missouri: Tornado’s Wrath

Funny. Until the world explodes in a giant ball of flames.


Disasterbation: The snarky enjoyment that greenies get from contemplating the end of the wold as we know it by anthropogenic disaster.

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