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Asian Development Bank’s new climate infographic quantifies how south Asia economy will be hit by climate impacts.

I think the bank underestimates the hit to GDP. If a storm wipes out major infrastructure (think Japan’s Fukushima), the effects on economies and lives will last for decades.


This White-tailed Ptarmigan was spotted with her four chicks up at Logan Pass yesterday. She is part of a research study to determine changes in habitat location and breeding numbers.

White-tailed ptarmigans are well-adapted to high elevations and cool temperatures. Rising temperatures (3x the global average rise in temperature) at high elevations over the last century means change for this alpine specialist.

According to researcher David Benson, data from the ptarmigan study shows that “white-tailed ptarmigan in Glacier have changed distribution, altered habitat preferences, and perhaps on a local scale, experienced declining population numbers in late summer.” (ms)

What a beeeeautiful bird! Lives in Montana. Of course, endangered because humans.

The flood frequency table is eye opening:

Baltimore, Md. 922% increase in floods over average
Atlantic City, N.J. 682%
Philadelphia, Pa. 650%
Sandy Hook, N.J. 626%

Expecting the Unexpected: Abrupt Climate Change" - several earth-systems scientists argue that gradual climate change inevitably leads to a higher likely hood of ‘abrupt’ catastrophe.

A very strange article in the NYTimes.

Click above to register. It’s free and run by the awesome folks at CAKEX, who you need to know if you’re into climate adaptation.

My gut tells me these proposed measures are too little, too late.

Have you seen Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s take down of  Senator Jim Inhofe?

"On the Media" produces a serious, weekly program covering all things media. They’re among my top favorite sources of news-sobriety. Here’s an example from July 6:

“Climate Change” vs. “Global Warming”

[Obama’s new] proposal could bring renewed worldwide attention to climate change. Trouble is, we still haven’t sorted out how to talk about the issue. Is it “Climate Change” or “Global Warming”? Bob speaks to Anthony Leiserowitz, Director of the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication, and the principal investigator of the new study, “What’s In a Name? Global Warming Versus Climate Change.”

Follow ‘On The Media’ if you can!

Dept of Interior publishes a weekly video update. This week’s video covers vegetation shifts due to climate change, return of new bald eagles in San Clemente, and a new Botanic Garden in Pittsburgh, which is located near iron ore mines.

The DOI is quite a complicated US Government agency. It manages all federal land and national parks, Native American lands (in part), natural resources like forests and habitats, and, strangely, fossil fuel and natural resources extraction.