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New Chevron Oil Leak Detected Off the Coast of Brazil

Just five months after Chevron lost its drilling rights for causing the largest oil spill in recent memory off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, they’ve gone and done it again. According to Brazil’s National Petroleum Agency (ANP), Chevron has reported that a new leak of indeterminate size has been detected near the site of last November’s spill — and it could present a a major setback for the U.S. oil company’s ambitions to drill in the region’s oil-rich Frade Field.

Ecuador court rejects $18 billion Chevron oil pollution arbitration ruling

(Reuters) - A court in Ecuador has rejected an order by arbitrators that an $18 billion pollution ruling against Chevron should be frozen, but the judges referred an appeal by the U.S. oil company to the country’s Supreme Court.

A year after the landmark decision against Chevron, a panel working for The Hague’s Permanent Court of Arbitration told Ecuador last week to take all necessary measures to suspend enforcement of the award at home and abroad. But in a ruling made public on Monday, the court that has been considering the case in the remote Amazon jungle region of Sucumbios said Ecuador should not comply with that order.

"A simple arbitral award … cannot force judges to infringe the human rights of our citizens," said the court, adding that abiding by the panel’s order would be unconstitutional and would lead to the breach of international human rights conventions.

The court said it had accepted an appeal filed by Chevron, however, and referred it to the Supreme Court in the clearest sign yet that the litigation, which has already run nearly 20 years, could drag on for more years. The plaintiffs say The Hague panel’s ruling will not affect their plans to collect on the $18 billion award in other countries where Chevron has assets.

Read the rest at Reuters

Burning for two weeks, American oil company Chevron denies that this oil rig explosion is causing environmental damage in the Niger Delta, Nigeria.

The company says that the leaked and burning oil poses no risk to human health or the environment. There seems to be no concrete plans to stop the fire, which has been burning since about January 23rd. 

Chevron is paying off a nearby village with food, and activists are being stonewalled by the company. 

Why are oil companies not forced to have emergency systems in place? 

Al Jazeera has video, here.

Shell Oil Sets World Record with Deepest Ocean Oil Well in Gulf of Mexico

"Shell Oil is now producing oil from the world’s deepest subsea well at its Perdido Development, utilizing advanced technology to lead the way in increasing the company’s ability to produce more domestic oil and gas resources. The well, at 9,627 feet below the water’s surface, is located in the Tobago Field 200 miles southwest of Houston in the ultra-deep water of the Gulf of Mexico. Tobago is jointly owned by Shell (32.5%, as operator), Chevron (57.5%), and Nexen (10.0%) and is one of three fields producing through the Perdido drilling and production platform.

Tobago breaks the world water depth record for subsea production, previously held by another field in the Perdido Development, the Silvertip field at 9,356 feet of water.”

Source: Rigzone (note this is a fluff piece pushed to Rigzone via Shell’s PR)

Chevron plugged the well. Close call:

Chevron plugging offshore well in Brazil

Setback in offshore exploration effort after oil leak

Chevron said well-control operations have been successful and that any fluid flow from the well appears to have ceased. “This is the first sign of progress in efforts to contain an oil spill,” analysts at Credit Suisse said in a note to clients on Wednesday…

The Brazilian government had estimated a leak rate of 200 to 330 barrels a day, with up to 882 barrels reaching the surface so far, according to reports. Frade ranks among the largest deepwater heavy oil projects in the world and “one of our company’s biggest capital investments,” Chevron said on its corporate Web site.

Chevron began production at the Frade field in 2009, with daily output now at around 80,000 barrels a day. Over the weekend, Chevron said it was managing a fleet of 17 vessels with a presence in the Campos Basin to help control the oil sheen with containment booms, skimming and washing.

Although the leak is relatively small, it served as a scaled-down reminder of risks of oceanic oil exploration in the wake of the 2010 oil spill by BP PLC BP -0.02% in the Gulf of Mexico.”

Source: MarketWatch

BREAKING! Huge Chevron oil spill/leak off coast of Brazil. Looks like a blowout similar to last year’s BP Gulf spill. Transocean is involved(!). 18 emergency ships have been deployed to the site. Chevron originally reported the oil was seeping from cracks in the sea-floor, but has back-tracked and stopped drilling operations. More soon.

Via: Business Insider

Big Oil Companies Made $200,000 Every Minute in the First Quarter

Meanwhile, the U.S. just won a case against EU subsidies to Airbus. Apparently, that subsidy was ‘unfair’… More, here.

Shell, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, BP America and Chevron Corp—the “Big Five” oil companies—reported a cumulative total earning of $36 billion in the first quarter of this year. As Huffington Post writer Erich Pica points out that’s “more than $200,000 every minute.” This jaw-dropping number has been accompanied by a hike in oil prices, which averaged out at about $3.98 per gallon for regular unleaded gas across the country. This is more than a dollar increase from the $2.90 gas stations were charging one year ago, The Associated Press reports.

Live blog of today’s oil subsidy hearing

Read it here, from the NRDC.

Oil companies shouldn’t roll over on losing a lot of money. But, it’s interesting to see CEO’s and certain politicians argue that the most profitable companies on planet earth can’t survive in a supposed “free market”.

Chevron purchases 228,000 acres in Pennsylvania for Natural Gas drilling (fracking)

Note the highlighted sentence.

Chevron to Add Marcellus Acreage

Chevron Corp. announced Wednesday that it has agreed to acquire oil and gas assets, primarily 228,000 net leasehold acres, in the Marcellus Shale from Chief Oil & Gas LLC and Tug Hill, Inc. Terms of the transaction, which is expected to close before the end of the second quarter, were not disclosed.

George Kirkland, vice chairman, Chevron Corporation, said, “This opportunity is aligned with our strategy to acquire early-in-life assets with long-term organic growth potential. Over the last year, Chevron has acquired nearly five million net acres of shale gas assets in the United States, Canada, Poland and Romania.”

"This expansion of our shale gas portfolio gives us additional high-quality resources with strong growth potential, as well as proximity to and synergy with existing operations," said Gary Luquette, president of Chevron North America Exploration and Production Company.

The acreage, which is principally located in southern Pennsylvania, will give Chevron an estimated five trillion cubic feet of additional natural gas resource in its Marcellus Shale operations.

Chevron’s new greenwashing/CSR campaign is absolutely fantastic. I cannot think of any other advertising campaign that so clearly demonstrates environmental cover-up and social distortion than this degenerate PoS.

Last month, Chevron was ordered to pay a record $8.6 billion for environmental damages from its drilling in Ecuador. The company was found guilty of dumping billions of gallons of toxic waste into the Amazon river. Billions. Over decades, until the 1990s. It destroyed the lives of thousands of people - including children. Over 30,000 Ecuadorians brought suit agains the company, accusing it of ruining huge swaths of pristine rain forests and Amazonian rivers, and causing countless deaths from toxic illnesses.

Nearly a dozen federal acts regulate and control how oil is drilled, processed, sold, and disposed of in the United States. This is because oil is a known carcinogen that harms human health and physical environments and systems. Ecuador does not have the capacity to regulate the oil industry, and Chevron (and it’s per-merger companies) moved in for a cheap drill.  

The evidence against Chevron is indisputable; Chevron’s response, vile and utterly disgusting.

Yet, the company will get off the hook by playing the victim, counter suing Ecuador under, of all things, RICO and extortion by none other than Ecuador. 

Instead of settling the case, and championing taking the moral highground, Chevron’s new campaign is an obvious diversion, a blatant cover up to get the public to take their eyes off the ball. 

This campaign is an example of how low companies will go to buy their way out of actual malfeasance. Out of the blue, and just after a record lawsuit, Chevron suddenly supports small businesses, educates girls in math, and donates to AIDS research?

You know what Chevron, f*ck you. F*CK. YOU.