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“Watch the trailer for an exciting series of videos documenting the comprehensive restoration and conservation process in the Hall of North American Mammals that took place from the spring of 2011 to the Fall of 2012.

The 16-part series was recognized as an Official Honoree for the 2013 Webby Awards in the Documentary: Series category”





In this week’s Newsweek, a little something about Yahoo & Tumblr’s marriage. And a request: “Please don’t mess with any of our favorite Tumblrs, like the beauties below.”

Congrats everyone! Now go follow those tumblrs and get them up in yo’ dashboard. Sorry about the caps, btw, we copy/pasted straight from the website and did we feel like going through and rewriting these headlines? No we did not. We are too busy applauding. Click through though to see what we wrote about each winner.

Still no “Best Environment Tumblr” category…

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The Most Influential Scientists of 2012

Cynthia Rosenzweig Named One of 2012′s Most Influential Scientists

Best College Reviews has compiled a list of the most influential scientists of 2012, and UCCRN’s own Cynthia Rosenzweig has made the list! Scientists were chosen from the fields of Climate Change, Biology, Statistics and Engineering, to name a few. Other scientists chosen include Nate Silver, Adam Steltzner and James Cameron.

See the entire list here: The Most Influential Scientists of 2012

Rosenzweig is a great communicator of climate science, especially impacts on coastal cities. You should get to know her work.

Source: UCCRN

The median age of an Academy Awards voter is 62. They are 94% Caucasian and 77% male.

Wow. I am honored and humbled. I was just added to the top 10 environmental list by Shea Gunther, one of the hardest working environmental writers over at the fantastic Mother Nature Network. Thank you so much for the recognition. (Oh man, now I gotta step-up my game!)

Update: MNN’s sweet screengrab!