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Prints of the “The Collector” by my man Josh Keyes, an amazing painter based in Portland, is now on sale this week only. They’re 30 bones, of ultra-superior quality, and proceeds go to the International Rhino Foundation, which I also support.

Get yours at Tiny Showcase.

Ai WeiWei on Google+ 

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Medusa Gas, a new environmental mural by “controversial” graffiti artist BLU in Cologne, Germany. More Medusa pics, here.  More environmental murals by BLU, here.

Urban artist, BLU

Source: ::PAtriX::

Ai Weiwei is a famous Chinese artist. I like him because he speaks truth to power. He helped design the Bird’s Nest, aka the iconic 2008 Olympic stadium in China (that cost $400 billion, and destroyed thousands of ancient homes).

He was suddenly arrested three days ago, his computers confiscated. No one has heard from him. Coincidentally, a group wanted to make a documentary about Weiwei and started a Kickstarter campaign to raise a little seed money. They already hit their goal, but I just wanted to share their project with you.