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Fascinating turn in Wyoming. There are lawsuits of the content of science curricula?! Come on Wyomingites!! I work in all sorts of terribly governed countries, none of them - NOT ONE - has any issues with science. In fact, they embrace science with intense curiosity, hope, and energy.

A: By incorporating climate science into environmental regulations. The EPA recently published 17 adaptation plans for various environmental regulatory offices in the U.S. These plans affect the quality of our water and air, reduce chemical waste in the environment, and improve government employee knowledge on climate science. Note that in 2010, and 2013 President Obama signed executive orders requiring all of the Federal Government to implement adaptation plans based on climate science. Here’s the EPA’s list of plans. Each agency will have their own adaptation plans, and I’ll post those as I receive them.

Check out the plans if you can! They’re free and easy to read. 

EPA Adaptation Implementation Plans

In early November, 2013 EPA released 17 Program and Regional Adaptation Implementation Plans for a 60 day public comment period. The public is invited to review and provide comment on the draft Implementation Plans through the public docket at (Docket Number EPA-HQ-OA-2013-0568). The docket will open as soon as the Federal Register Notice is published. If you are providing comments through the public docket, it is important to identify which of the 17 Plans your comments refer to. Thank you for your interest and assistance.

These draft Implementation Plans were prepared by EPA’s Program and Regional Offices following the February 2013 publication of the Draft Climate Change Adaptation Plan (PDF). The 17 plans included here are part of an ongoing effort to address adaptation across the federal government, in response to Executive Order 13514 - “Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance.” (PDF)

Program Implementation Plans

Regional Office Implementation Plans

Record American Alligator hunted for ____, weighed 723.5 pounds and was 13-feet and 5.5 inches. Via NBC, Mississippi alligator hunting season


Abandoned automobiles and other debris clutter an acid water and oil filled five acre pond. It was cleaned up under EPA supervision to prevent possible contamination of Great Salt Lake and a wildlife refuge nearby.” - Ogden, Utah, April 1974. (Bruce McAllister)

Excellent slide show by the Boston Globe.

(via abandonedography)

Lion = 9
Hyena = 5
Elephant = 8
Rhinoceros = 5 (square mouth)
Rhinoceros = 8 (hook lipped)
Hippopotamus = 7
Warthog = 8
Zebra (common) = 15
Zebra (big) = 5
Giraffe = 7
Buffalo = 6
Elan (giant) = 1
Elan (common) = 5
Bushbuck =2 (East African)
Bushbuck = 1 (Ugandan)
Bushbuck = 3 (Nile)
Roan = 4
Oryx = 10
Wildebeest = 5
Hartebeest = 10 (Coke’s)
Hartebeest = 14 (Jackson’s)
Hartebeest = 1 (Ugandan)
Hartebeest = 8 (Nilotic)
Topi = 12
Waterbuck = 5 (common)
Waterbuck = 6 (singsing)
Python = 3
Kob = 10 (common)
Kob = 1 (Vaughan’s)
Kob = 3 (white eared)
Lechwe = 3 (saddlebacked)
Redbuck (bohor) = 10
Buck (Chanler’s) = 3
Impalla = 7
Gazelle (Granti) = 5
Gazelle (Robertsi) = 4
Gazelle (Notata) = 8
Gazelle = 11 (Thompson’s)
Gerenuk = 3
Klipspringer = 1
Oribi = 18
Duiker = 3
Steinbuck = 4
Dikdik = 1
Monkey = 1 (red ground)
Monkey = 5 (black and white ground)
Ostrich = 2
Bustard (Greater) = 4
Bustard (Lesser) = 1
Crane (kavirondo) = 2
Stork (whale head) = 1
Marabou = 1
Stork (saddle bill) = 2
Stork (ibis) = 1
Pelican= 5
Guinea fowl = 1
Crocodile = 1


“Watch the trailer for an exciting series of videos documenting the comprehensive restoration and conservation process in the Hall of North American Mammals that took place from the spring of 2011 to the Fall of 2012.

The 16-part series was recognized as an Official Honoree for the 2013 Webby Awards in the Documentary: Series category”




Be of service. You are taking your degree into a society dominated by concentrated poverty and a vulnerable middle class, a society where it is harder to pay for education, harder to find a job, harder to buy a house and harder to hold onto those things even if you manage to get them. You are entering adulthood during a period of mass incarceration and near constant war. There is a lot for you to do. Service is the rent you pay for the space you take up on the earth, and as a relatively privileged American you take up a lot of space. We are the most consuming, polluting, wasteful nation on earth. So your rent is steep. Pay it with service.

Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry’s advice to Class of 2013 (Via)

Refreshing straight talk.

(via upworthy)


With Rising Seas, America’s Birthplace Could Disappear

The first successful English colony in America was at Jamestown, Va., a swampy island in the Chesapeake Bay. The colony endured for almost a century, and remnants of the place still exist. You can go there and see the ruins. You can walk where Capt. John Smith and Pocahontas walked.

But Jamestown is now threatened by rising sea levels that scientists say could submerge the island by century’s end.


Well worth clicking through. I once argued with a history prof that thousands of historic sites were at risk from climate change. She thought it was too extreme…

This article is circulating among the anti-peak oil crowds. To me, the bigger story is about the left’s environmental heroine, Sally Jewell, who used to frack wells. As new head of the Dept. of Interior, she will (with Obama’s encouragement) - will - allow aggressive fracking on more public lands, possibly much more in our National Parks. To forgiving environmentalists, she’s Obama’s replacement for the DOI and former CEO of REI.

"Quaker Steak & Lube" Greenville, South Carolina. I took a quick trip to visit family. They live near this, thing.

Thoroughly enjoyed NPR’s piece on Ben & Jerry’s “Flavor Graveyard” in Waterbury, Vermont. The piece is part of NPR’s “Dead Stop” series, which visits unusual graves in the U.S.

How to turn that kid at the 9 minute mark around? He seems to be interested in science. Does he lack hope, or a mentor? I wish I could help.

Strong video by Vice.


Young Americans - Part 8: Is the American Dream Still Possible? 

Climate researchers from George Mason and Yale University partnered to produce four surveys titled, The Climate Change in the American Mind. They regularly survey American’s attitudes and perceptions about climate change.

Americans’ beliefs about climate change have bounced back sharply from the decline witnessed between 2008 and 2010. Belief in the reality of global warming increased by 13 points since January 2010, to 70 percent in September 2012.  More than half of Americans (54%) believe global warming is caused mostly by human activities, an increase of 8 points since March 2012. Many Americans say people around the world (40%, up 8 points since March 2012) and people in the United States (36%, up 6 points since March) are being harmed right now by climate change, and Americans increasingly perceive global warming as a threat to themselves (42%, up 13 points since March), their families (46%, up 13 points), and other people in their community (48%, up 14 points). The report can be downloaded here: Climate Change in the American Mind – Americans’ Global Warming Beliefs and Attitudes in September 2012.