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that rant @ think progress: NAIL ---> HEAD
climateadaptation climateadaptation Said:

Thanks! Progressives need to hold their own accountable for sloppiness and bullshit. I also noticed a few reblogs also complained about it.

Let’s hope TP gets the memo…

I wrote: “$400 million? Who the eff is running this? Why so damn inefficient? The lack of accountability is infuriating. Four hundred million dollars, plus NGO, UN, Int’l, and local aid and y’all can’t get this right? AND you’re asking for more? FIX. IT.

I cannot let this stand unanswered. I want an answer from the State Department. What has the US accomplished in Somalia with $400 f*cking million dollars? Who is on point during this crisis? Hillary fires off strongly worded letters, and we read on the State Dept tumblr they’ve spent $400 million on absolutely nothing

The US is incredibly under-prepared for foreseeable crises. How shamefully embarrassing. 

(Folks, I’ll update if the State Dept responds…) 


Workers load sacks of cornmeal for distribution to Somali refugees at a World Food Program food distribution center at Ifo Camp, outside Dadaab, Kenya, July 16, 2011. [AP Photo]

More: Crisis in the Horn of Africa

Today, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton issued the following press statement in response to the declaration of famine in Somalia and drought in the Horn of Africa:

“The United States is deeply concerned by the humanitarian emergency in…

The overwhelming scientific evidence tells us that human greenhouse gas emissions are resulting in climate changes that cannot be explained by natural causes.

Climate change is real, we are causing it, and it is happening right now.

Like it or not, humanity is facing a problem that is unparalleled in its scale and complexity. The magnitude of the problem was given a chilling focus in the most recent report of the International Energy Agency, which their chief economist characterised as the “worst news on emissions.”

Limiting global warming to 2°C is now beginning to look like a nearly insurmountable challenge.

Like all great challenges, climate change has brought out the best and the worst in people.

A vast number of scientists, engineers, and visionary businesspeople are boldly designing a future that is based on low-impact energy pathways and living within safe planetary boundaries; a future in which substantial health gains can be achieved by eliminating fossil-fuel pollution; and a future in which we strive to hand over a liveable planet to posterity.

At the other extreme, understandable economic insecurity and fear of radical change have been exploited by ideologues and vested interests to whip up ill-informed, populist rage, and climate scientists have become the punching bag of shock jocks and tabloid scribes.

Aided by a pervasive media culture that often considers peer-reviewed scientific evidence to be in need of “balance” by internet bloggers, this has enabled so-called “sceptics” to find a captive audience while largely escaping scrutiny.

Australians have been exposed to a phony public debate which is not remotely reflected in the scientific literature and community of experts.

Beginning today, The Conversation will bring much-needed and long-overdue accountability to the climate “sceptics.”

For the next two weeks, our series of daily analyses will show how they can side-step the scientific literature and how they subvert normal peer review. They invariably ignore clear refutations of their arguments and continue to promote demonstrably false critiques.

We will show that “sceptics” often show little regard for truth and the critical procedures of the ethical conduct of science on which real skepticism is based.

The individuals who deny the balance of scientific evidence on climate change will impose a heavy future burden on Australians if their unsupported opinions are given undue credence.

-Rare open challenge to climate deniers and skeptics from a group of Australian scientists. I’ll keep y’all posted!

Climate change is real: an open letter from the scientific community (via underpaidgenius)

(via underpaidgenius)

Urban planning apps. Yay or nay?


Great video by Jennifer Cowley: “City and regional planners are always looking for new ways to engage with the public. Increasingly the public are using their smartphone apps to engage with cities. This pecha kucha highlights a variety of apps and their potential for engaging with the public in planning processes.”

(via thenextweb)