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Using Executive Authority, President Obama created the world’s largest protected marine reserve in Pacific Ocean.

President Obama used his legal authority to create the world’s largest fully protected marine reserve in the central Pacific Ocean, demonstrating his increased willingness to advance a conservation agenda without the need for congressional approval.

By broadening the Pacific Remote Islands National Marine Monument from almost 87,000 square miles to more than 490,000 square miles, Obama has protected more acres of federal land and sea by executive power than any other president in at least 50 years and makes the area off-limits to commercial fishing.

The proclamation — which Secretary of State John F. Kerry announced during an oceans meeting he convened in New York on Thursday — will mean added protections for deep-sea coral reefs and other marine ecosystems that administration officials say are among “the most vulnerable” to the negative effects of climate change. The document signed by Obama noted that the expanded area contains “significant objects of scientific interest that are part of this highly pristine deep sea and open ocean ecosystem with unique biodiversity.” WaPo

More: White House Fact Sheet

Strong words from a frackingist, oil drillingist administration…

My gut tells me these proposed measures are too little, too late.

I did not know the White House’s solar panels were made in the USA.

Clever, but I don’t think the CEQ has authority to enforce a NEPA regulation. Any 2Ls out there?

The Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) hereby directs each Federal agency with over $100 million in annual conduct of research and development expenditures to develop a plan to support increased public access to the results of research funded by the Federal Government.
This includes any results published in peer-reviewed scholarly publications that are based on research that directly arises from Federal funds, as defined in relevant OMB circulars (e.g., A-21and A-11). It is preferred that agencies work together, where appropriate, to develop these plans.

Obama’s science advisor describes the #PolarVortex and climate change. Seriously! Check it out.

President Obama’s Science and Technology Advisor, Dr. John Holdren, explains the polar vortex in 2 minutes—and why climate change makes extreme weather more likely going forward. Learn more at

White House invites the public to chat about the Polar Vortex and climate change. Yep, the White House! h/t Revkin

Bush installed them also…

WH drops the base on SOTU. Yowza.

I just signed this WH petition. The White House will have to respond to it if it reaches the 25,000 mark. 

Fracking, or drilling for natural gas, is as of 2005 exempt from a major environmental regulation called the Clean Water Act. Drillers pump a water/chemical mixture into the ground under pressure, which fractures certain rocks that hold natural gas. The gas is piped out and the water and chemicals remain in the ground. Here’s an excellent video explainer. And here are some background on how fracking became exempt from pollution controls. Basically, drillers got the exemption by claiming that the chemical mixture they use are proprietary information - an industry secret.

Now, there are about 500,000 fracking wells in the U.S.Tens of thousands are being opened right now. The petition asks that frackers show how their chemicals affect water in rivers, lakes, streams, wells, and aquifers.

I don’t think it’s controversial for the public, farmers, cities, beer and softdrink manufacturers, or anyone to know which chemicals are in their water. I know petitions are a pain. Please give this one your two minutes. Here’s the link:

OK, this is awesome: Google street views documents art and rooms in the White House.


Behind the Scenes: The Google Art Project at the White House

Using Google Street View technology to map the White House and all of its art in detail.

"During his presidential campaign, Barack Obama promised to "create a centralized Internet database of lobbying reports, ethics records and campaign finance filings in a searchable, sortable and downloadable format." Last week, President Obama fulfilled that promise with the rollout of, which “brings records and data from across the federal government to one central location, making it easier for citizens to hold public officials accountable.” is available to the public and allows anyone to access and search the records of seven different databases:

• White House Visitor Records;

• Office of Government Ethics Travel Reports;

• Lobbying Disclosure Act Data;

• Department of Justice Foreign Agents Registration Act Data;

• Federal Election Commission Individual Contribution Reports;

• Federal Election Commission Candidate Reports; and

• Federal Election Commission Committee Reports.

According to a White House press release, the database includes millions of White House visitor records, records for entities registered with the Federal Election Commission such as PACs, records for each candidate who has either registered with the FEC or appeared on a ballot list prepared by a state elections office, lobbying registrations, and much more.

On his Sunlight Foundation blog, John Wonderlich, who is Policy Director for the Sunlight Foundation and an advocate for open government, wrote that while fulfilled the president’s pledge, “neither money and politics research nor executive branch oversight are going to be revolutionized by this search page — at least not yet.” He added that while it will not happen immediately, the site could become a primary destination for investigative journalists or ethics officials.”

More here and here.

Happening now: Obama hosts a science fair at the White House. Link.

On January 12th, the National Ocean Council (NOC) released a draft National Ocean Policy Implementation Plan. The plan, which is available for public comment through February 27th, outlines key milestones, identifies responsible Federal agencies, and indicates the expected timeframe for completion of Implementation Plan actions including:
  • Streamlining ocean and coastal permitting processes, beginning with aquaculture;
  • Improving water quality; 
  • Providing climate-change forecasts and vulnerability assessments for coastal communities; 
  • And improving environmental response management in the Arctic. 
The actions reflect feedback provided to the NOC through two public comment periods and 12 regional listening sessions.
To read the draft Implementation Plan, see the full range of proposed actions, and submit comments, visit: Comments received will be posted on the NOC website, and the NOC will review and incorporate comments before finalizing the Plan in 2012.