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Tornado that hit near me in Massachusetts last week. Killed four people, hundreds homeless. I live-blogged it here, here, and here. It’s a big mess and we’re cleaning it up. 


This image from NASA, shot yesterday, clearly shows the track of last week’s tornado as it headed into Sturbridge, Mass.

H/T NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

Circus elephant helps clear tornado debris in Joplin, Missouri. Where’s the National Guard? 

The air is YELLOW. Seriously. Post-tornadopocalypse Western Massachusetts 2011.

I was so busy uploading and fiddling with tumblr, I left my window open taking photos, and my plant blew over! I’m such a dumb ass! 

This is outside my window. Really gnarly clouds. Strong gusts of swirling wind and hail. Lightening. Everyone is running in the streets. No cars on the road. The air is thick and humid.