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"The UK government has been giving secret support at the very highest levels to Canada's campaign against European penalties on its highly polluting tar sands fuel, the Guardian can reveal.

At the same time, the UK government was being lobbied by Shell and BP, which both have major tar sands projects in Alberta, and opened a new consulate in the province to “support British commercial interests”.

At least 15 high-level meetings and frequent communications have taken place since September, with David Cameron discussing the issue with his counterpart Stephen Harper during his visit to Canada, and stating privately that the UK wanted “to work with Canada on finding a way forward”, according to documents released under freedom of information laws.”

Read the rest: The Guardian

Read it here, from the NRDC.

Oil companies shouldn’t roll over on losing a lot of money. But, it’s interesting to see CEO’s and certain politicians argue that the most profitable companies on planet earth can’t survive in a supposed “free market”.

Pesky numbers. Stubborn facts.

Environmentalists and auto gurus have a maxim: When gas prices go up, car sizes should go down. The statistics I’ve seen tell another story: Americans don’t like small cars as much as the media wants us to.

Read it.

Any student that protests will be locked out of their commencement. The school has received $1.5 million from Exxon.

Source: Unhappy Students

I didn’t know so many oil companies were located in the U.S. Wonder why?


  1. Exxon Mobil
  2. Bank of America
  3. General Electric
  4. Chevron
  5. Boeing
  6. Valero Energy
  7. Goldman Sachs
  8. Citigroup
  9. ConocoPhillips
  10. Carnival Cruise Lines

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Clever greenwashing commercial. Can’t. look. away.


Awesome stop-motion commercial by Lovo Films for Natural Gas, features a house that knits itself. Directed by Olivier Babinet. LOVE IT