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Looks like another politician got caught lying today. This time a climate denying state senator from Minnesota got busted for lying to the public about his resume, his “college degree,” and for taking science classes. He used these “facts” in a manner to shape policy in Minnesota. But, really, who cares? I highly doubt that he’ll be forced to resign for lying about his credentials. After all, it’s not a scandal that rises to such incredible national significance as tweeting your dong.

Jungbauer, who sits on the state’s Senate Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications Committee, proudly calls himself the “No. 1 global warming denier in Minnesota.” He also claims to have a bachelor’s degree from the Moody Bible Institute with a “background in biochemistry.” The first claim is easy enough to believe, but as for the second, MinnPost reported yesterday that Jungbauer never graduated, and that the closest thing he has to a bachelor’s of science is a ministerial ordainment from Christian Motorsports International, which provides “chapel services” at “races, car shows, cruise-ins, and tractor pulls.”

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These stimulus numbers blow my mind. What did Dakota County do with $140,629,772.33?? One hundred forty million six hundred twenty nine thousand seven hundred seventy two dollars and thirty three cents. Did these projects create more jobs? Which moneys are loans and which are grants?? The stats on Recovery Tracker are amazing (OMG am I..? Is that what I..? Huh. I think I’m, wow, why yes, I’m actually drooling!), but I need context. Anyone?


Interactive map: New tally of stimulus dollars flowing into Minnesota

The nonprofit investigative news organization ProPublica has released its latest Recovery Tracker tally of stimulus spending in the United States. Why use ProPublica’s numbers? Law doesn’t require all recipients of stimulus money to report to the governments spending tracker,

ProPublica fills in those gaps (here’s a full explanation of their methodology).

Click away! The darker the shade of red, the more stimulus money bouncing around that county.

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