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I’ve been warning y’all all month. This is serious business. There is an environmental regulatory slaughter coming, and you all need to step up and email your reps. See my previous posts:

This is how you contact your representatives: How to contact your elected officials. I’ve included some tips and tricks in the above posts to help you write your emails.

Trust me, you’re going to be busy these coming months because you’re going to read about cuts to environmental programs that will absolutely enrage you. This is what you do: Stop your damn tumbling and whining and write an email:

Keep ‘em short. Keep ‘em hella tight. Most importantly, clearly demand the politician support your well versed case. If you send a rant or a hippie-dippy long-winded tome about mother earth’s dying soul, it will get deleted! Make every word count. No fluff. No philosophies. A politician does not care if you love bunnies, s/he cares if you love the bill that supports bunnies. Write about the bill. I usually fire off something like this to John Kerry and Senator Scott Brown:

Example email:

Subject line: “From your voter”

Dear Representative/Senator ___, 

I voted for you. You represent me. I oppose any and all GOP cuts to environmental regulations, such as preventing any new animals from being put on the Endangered Species list in HR 2584. I oppose similar riders to defund the EPA, and prevent money from going to Climate Change research. While I agree these programs need to be efficient, gutting their intent, suppressing science, and deleting the original legislation’s purpose does not meet that call.

Oppose the cuts, or we oppose you. 


Michael Cote