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Hi Michael,

Shameless self promotion alert: New report out on federal climate adaptation policy. Thought you might be interested. Check it out here:

Will Hewes
American Rivers

A question by Anonymous


This is perfect! Just yesterday, I wrapped up meetings in DC for the Adaptation Working Group that I run for ACCO. After a full day of meetings, we held our first public event in the afternoon. Attendance was overwhelming. We had heavy hitters from USGCRP, USDA, Northrup Grumman, ICF, Defenders of Wildlife, etc., etc. Really astounding.

Anyway, I held a brainstorming sesh at the end. One area we struggled with was ‘opportunities’ from and for adaptation. Hydro-engineering partnerships and water treaties came up, obviously. Your freshly minted report should give us a few more solid ideas to work with. Thanks again and keep ‘em coming! 


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