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The Boston Bomber Brothers are from Chechnya (Update. NYTimes has more on where they’re from here.). So, where is Chechnya? The above maps zoom in to Chechnya and its small capital of Grozny.

Located in southeastern Europe, Chechnya is technically part of Russia. It’s war torn and in rough shape. It’s rich in oil and minerals, has a population of about 1 million people, and is an important crossroads between the Middle East, Russia, and Europe.

  • Extreme poverty, corruption, and high unemployment due to its long history of war, here. The country is in shambles.
  • Capital city: Grozny. Population 270,000
  • Grozny is spliced by the Terek River
  • Languages: Russian and Chechen
  • Major religions: Mostly Sunni Muslim, second is Christianity
  • Conquered by Russia in 1858, it was originally held by a Imam Shamil who tried to establish an Islamic state.
  • Chechnya has been fighting with Russia for independence for nearly 200 years
  • It is part of the Northern Caucuses, which refers to the collection of Russian states along the major mountain called the Caucuses. More on the Caucus region, here.

There is very little climate change research in the region. But, the area is vulnerable to water shortages, drought, agricultural mismanagement, and heavy pollution. More on the climate angle, here.

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