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Nice, frank talk with students. Worth listening to if you’re a budding environmentalist. Peter challenges some of the norms students learn in their classes, such as the notion that environmentalists should work with - not against - businesses and governments. There’s also a very good essay discussed in the stream, which you can read here.

Peter Kareiva, chief scientist and director of science at The Nature Conservancy, visited my class “Environmental Communications in the Anthropocene” to talk about the crucial intersections of conservation and communications, science and storytelling.

Widely and often publishing in the peer-reviewed scientific literature, Peter is also a lively and outspoken contributor to contemporary public debates about the future of conservation, ecology, development, and humanity. To prepare for the class discussion, we read Peter’s essay Conservation in the Anthropocene: Beyond Solitude and Fragility in Breakthrough Journal. For his full bio and publications, see The Nature Conservancy.

Download the podcast for later (61.6 MB), or stream it right now HERE.

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