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Congress to cut $110 million, affecting every park in the Nation.

The automatic budget cuts set to take effect on March 1 will delay the opening of the East and West Rim drives at the Grand Canyon and reduce hours of operation at the main visitor center. At Gettysburg, 20 percent of student education programs would be eliminated this spring.

The Blue Ridge Parkway would lose 21 seasonal interpretive ranger programs, resulting in the closure of half of the park’s visitor stations and leaving 80 miles between each one.

Mount Rainer would permanently close a key visitor center, and Glacier would delay the opening of a well-visited mountain pass.

Five campgrounds and picnics area would close at the Great Smoky Mountains, affecting 54,000 visitors, and the Grand Tetons would close a visitor center, information station and preserve.


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    It’s incredible how people spend their money. The repercussions this brings on are enormous. Decreasing the number of...
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    Hopefully they don’t drop the ball on this one. Preservation of their National Parks is one thing America got right over...
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    What happens next is these so called “friends of the forest” use their influences in getting government money in the...
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    this is how they want to go, let’s show them they are wrong.
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