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Great resource and only 8 pages. The brief sums up the climate adaptation responses in 20 cities around the U.S. Several cities have been forced to respond to climate related damages, mostly from coastal storms and drought. What’s new is that the responses include policy adjustments that include climate science and analysis. Here’s an example (more information is available at respective city’s websites:

Broward County, FL


  • Hurricane Sandy and a high-tide event caused major flooding and damage in Fort Lauderdale. A four-lane coastal highway, A1A, was flooded, covered with sand, and shut down. Beach erosion impacts from Hurricanes Isaac and Sandy were worsened by NE winds over Thanksgiving 2012, causing portions of the A1A roadway to collapse into the ocean as the beach eroded from under the coastal route.


  • In Fort Lauderdale, a public meeting in December brought together government officials (local, state, federal) along with business owners and residents to discuss short-term and long term strategies for addressing repair of AIA and beach erosion.
  • The County is incorporating sea-level rise and climate projections into its existing Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Plan.
  • Broward County is part of the four-county South Florida Regional Climate Compact, which recently finalized a climate action plan with a range of strategies to protect the region from climate impacts, such as relocating water infrastructure further inland.

Not bad, right? The brief covers the following governments:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Broward County, FL
  • Cambridge, MA
  • Chicago, IL
  • Denver, CO
  • Dubuque, IA
  • El Paso, TX
  • Eugene, OR
  • Grand Rapids, MI
  • Houston, TX
  • King County, WA
  • Lewes, DE
  • Miami Dade County, FL
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • New York, NY
  • Norfolk, VA
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Tucson, AZ
  • Washington, DC

The document is short and sweet, and well worth keeping


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