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Why 2013 Is The Year You Need To Get Serious About Tumblr | Forbes

Tumblr, from the point of view of Forbes et al, is an “untapped market place.” This was bound to happen, but can we stop from being exploited? While change is hard for us tumblrers (we grumble at minor UI tweaks), infiltration by the mainstream will be even harder to manage and navigate. But ads are coming.

I see two solutions. 1) Accept that we will be inundated with advertisements. Or 2) collectively resist.

I choose resistance. I love my tumblr community. I trust them - a rare thing these days. I admire them - a human trait we need more of in this digital world. I am inspired by them - Every. Single. Day.

I bust my ass in my work life - I’ve written over $10 million in grants, peer-review for a climate journal, publish climate science, travel to Europe for business, mentor students at Vermont Law among others, am in unbelievable amount of meetings and webinars, and do countless other things that fry my brain to a crisp. Tumblr helps me keep sane.

Marketers ravaged Facebook. And look at it now, it’s become an overflowing trash-bin of hopelessness. (Thank the electronic gods for AdBlockPlus).

Now I read we’re next?! No. You shall not pass!

This is how the article concludes:

it’s already achieved a massive scale of highly engaged consumers eager for interesting content and marketers are starting to succeed on the platform. Now is the time to take advantage.

We are not a market demographic. We are friends having fun. We are contributing, trying to better ourselves self-sufficiently.

So fuck you Forbes.

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  • Jan 25, 2013
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      I could take the time to be eloquent on this topic, but, fuck it. And fuck letting anyone turn us tumblr’ers into a...
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      I’ve been a Tumblr user for years and am a huge fan of this platform. I love the content and the beautifully simple user...
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      Well spoken, as usual.
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      I contributed this article so I suppose this fuck you is really for me and not Forbes. I’m also the CEO of a company...
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