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Very rare masters degree opportunity are University of East Anglia. (Yes, that University.)

The UEA Water Security Research Centre would like to announce a new Master’s degree in Water Security, for October 2011.

The University of East Anglia’s MSc Water Security and International Development will critically explore ‘water security’ in its broad political ecology and political economy sense. We view the hydrological cycle as intimately connected to critical global policy concerns: climate change, food and energy security - and the international cooperation that affects individual, community, national and regional security.

The degree is offered by the School of International Development, along with the School of Environmental Sciences and the UEA Water Security Research Centre. The interdisciplinarity will prepare graduates to contribute to the societal responses to the complex water security challenges we all face. All those who would like to be future leaders in the water sector in their home country or globally are encouraged to apply!

More information is available through the Water Security MSc website, which includes information on funding support. Please contact if you would like more information about admission.

Course website:

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