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Incredibly moving video. This occurs every year on August 1. Read the text.


Warsaw Uprising Museum unveils tribute video, “There is a city”

This is not Improv Everywhere. This is not a flash mob. This is a real thing that happens every single year in Warsaw, Poland.

Today marks the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, a pinnacle event in 1944 wherein the Polish resistance Home Army liberated its country from Nazi reign. The coup lasted 63 days, killing nearly 200,000 civilians and 9,000 Nazi soldiers.

But the Germans retreated Oct. 2, leaving Warsaw to Polish rule for the first time in five years.

Every Aug. 1 since, the people of Warsaw have taken a collective minute out of their day to pay homage to the fallen heroes that fought for freedom. For one minute, everybody in Warsaw stops in their path and raises a flag, or looks at a countryman, or simply reflects.

Last year’s 60 seconds were captured by the Warsaw Uprising Museum and converted into a gripping video that does as much to showcase Warsaw’s natural beauty as it does to spotlight the pride and respect that a nation can have for its history.

(via fyeaheasterneurope)

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