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I like the LA Times, but this article on climate change and bunnies is silly. It starts with,

"Easter is still a great day for worship, candy in baskets, pagan equinox rituals and running around the yard finding eggs, but every year it gets quite a bit worse for bunnies"

and ends with,

"All of this gives new meaning to dressing up in a giant bunny costume this Sunday. Do it!"

Have a look.

I get the appeal - media’s gotta be clever to keep the audience engaged. So, maybe I’m feeling grouchy again. On the other hand, doesn’t this type of ‘reporting’ smack of wiki-laziness? What do you think?

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    The lead and the ending sentence aren’t even the most egregious writing fails of this article. For one thing, it’s...
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  9. alice44 answered: I am too grouchy- but to link Easter with climate change could work — Easter occurs at a season of change — it is linked with planting
  10. eusouvarias answered: cool *-*
  11. gregorychatman answered: yeah, I’m grouchy too. But climate change is serious and there stuff we need to do..
  12. pirate-zombie-female-android answered: this amuses me greatly, in part because it doth make no fucking sense. I agree with ingreen.
  13. ingreen answered: I cannot believe they linked Easter to Climate change. I think the silliest part is the closing line. Don a costume. Fight climate change!
  14. deluzluzcabelos answered: não
  15. thecliffsatetretat answered: Sounds like the realism thing you mentioned earlier: it’s recognizably dumb, but there’s too much cultural momentum behind it.
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