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Shell Oil just sued the Center for Biological Diversity and 12 other environmental groups.

"It seems the oil giant thinks it can intimidate us with threats so that it can push through dangerous new drilling in the fragile Arctic ecosystem.

Please stand with the Center and help us defeat this obnoxious, anti-free-speech lawsuit.

A generous Center supporter has agreed to match all emergency donations if we can raise $50,000.

Shell Oil is suing the Center because we’ve stopped every offshore drilling proposal in the Arctic since 2007. Shell knows we’re effective, so it’s trying to take us out with its preemptive attack.

But we’re not leaving. We’re fighting back, and we need your generous support today.

The Shell game is all about intimidation and shutting down free speech. Please, help us take a stand against Shell’s strong-arm tactics with a gift to our Emergency Legal Defense Fund to save the Arctic.”

These guys are effective and GSD. Click here to donate a few bucks.

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  • Mar 13, 2012
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      Jeeeez I leave civilization for 4 days and come back to this and some d-bag Marine gunning down some innocent people?...
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      "“It seems the oil giant thinks it can intimidate us with threats so that it can push through dangerous new drilling in...
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      Why? Why, Shell? Why must you be such a bunch of fucking dickheads?
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      Yes, somehow Shell Oil filed a lawsuit against environmental groups who might object to offshore drilling in the Arctic...
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