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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Should the Enbridge pipeline in Canada be stopped? What are some quick pros and cons of having it run full scale.
climateadaptation climateadaptation Said:

Hi Anon, 

I’ve written over 100 posts on pipelines. I’m not convinced that stopping a new pipeline has any positive impact. There are tens of thousands of miles of oil and gas pipelines in North America (see my post with a map of pipelines, here). The majority of these pipes are quite old and rapidly aging. They leak thousands of gallons of pollution into streams, lakes, and people’s backyards every day. 

CBS investigated leaking pipes reported that 34 million gallons of oil and gas were spilled in 2010, more than Valdez and BP. See the report here

So, I’m more interested in focusing on the things that are polluting today, and not on new lines that use newer, better technologies. 



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