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OneNOAA Science Seminars: January 2012 (Click on the seminar title link for details)

Jan 24: Trevor Riley (NOAA PPI), Joan Moumbleaux (NMFS Habitat Restoration Division), and Chris Belter (NOAA Central Library)
Information Management: The value of Embedded Librarians in NOAA Programs

Jan 24: Jerald S. Ault and Steven G. Smith (University of Miami RSMAS)
Sustaining Coral Reef Fisheries of Puerto Rico

Jan 25: Benjamin Fertig and Mike Kennish (Rutgers University, Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences)
How Can we Deal with Data Gaps for Integrated Ecosystem Assessments?

Jan 25: Bryan Wood-Thomas (Vice-President, World Shipping Council)
Regulating Carbon Emissions from Ships

Jan 25: Jeffrey Stith (NCAR Research Aviation Facility)
The Hunt for Small Ice Particles: Improving our Measurements of Ice in the Atmosphere

Jan 26: Yuanjie Li and Kenneth Casey (NOAA NODC)
NODC Data and Services and it’s new Geoportal Server

Jan 26: Dr. Laura Inouye (State of Washington)
Overview of Ecology’s Sediment Rule Revisions: Freshwater Sediment Standards and Dealing with Bioaccumulatives

Jan 27: Dr. Jane Lubchenco (Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and NOAA Administrator)
Dr. Jane Lubchenco (seminar title TBD)

Jan 31: Sanja Perica (NOAA, NWS, HSDC ); Doug Kane and Sveta Stuefer (Water and Environmental Research Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks)
An Updated Precipitation Frequency Analysis For The State of Alaska

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