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No. In fact, those cups contain poisonous toxins (BPA) and coated metals, making them un-recyclable. In fact, Keurig publicly says their products are not environmentally friendly on their website:

Reducing the environmental impact of our packaging materials and brewing systems is a top priority for Keurig. It is a challenge to create a portion pack that is recyclable and delivers an extraordinary cup of coffee; however, Keurig is actively working to meet this challenge head on.

The K-Cup® package is made up of three main elements — the cup itself, a filter and an aluminum foil top. The polyethylene coating of the foil - as well as the process of heat-sealing the various elements - makes recycling difficult.

The portion pack composition prevents oxygen, light and moisture from degrading the coffee. Without the barrier the packaging materials provide, we could not maintain quality or freshness.

Also, see this post on the basic economics of regular brewing vs. Keurig brewing:

Why the Keurig is the beginning of the end of great coffee

Source: Keurig

  1. charlottexcsullivan answered: F K cupz
  2. grafik-ink answered: Damnit
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  4. eamcintyre answered: YES. One of my roommates has one of these, and my other roommate and I always use the regular pot. Keurigs clog half the time anyway.
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    every time I check one of these out I am overcome with a fit of rage
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    I’ve never even seen one of these things, but it’s one more disposable product in our convenience culture. Why do we...
  9. stormbear answered: I use a jar off coffee and a damn spoon to make my coffee!
  10. hermiginnyharvelle answered: NOOOO! dammit.
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    GOD DAMMIT. Fuck you Keurig Cups. I will never drink your delicious pumpkin spice hot chocolate ever again.
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    My mom has one of these and I HATE it. My hatred doesn’t even come from the environmental perspective, the coffee just...
  15. fromtheashes29 answered: It can be environmentally friendly if you use the “My K-cup” with your own coffee!
  16. laughandeat answered: It’s ironic because they have organic and fair trade blends =/
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    My sister got one of those for christmas. but she’s a Christian and they believe it’s our duty as christians to be as...
  20. espectrodeluz666 answered: _|_
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  22. snager-dragon answered: my sister got one of those things for christmas
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    I literally despise these things. I can’t think of a kitchen appliance more wasteful, inefficient, and expensive to...
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    Plus it’s shitty coffee.
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    Exactly. We walked into my grandparents’ house yesterday for Christmas and saw the Keurig my aunt had gotten them. I...
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    Same goes for the new tassimo brewers. I think barista 101 should be a class in high school. Hell, they already have...
  28. oldmanyellsatcloud answered: Well, technically, as a crop? Soy and coffee wreck havoc on the soil if not rotated as a crop frequently enough.
  29. curiousaleta answered: this is so sad. my office just bought a Keurig and got rid of the old coffee maker.
  30. noexistesinti answered: already seen the other will not do more now to answer why I go out like we have masi converçar later?
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