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Ever wonder why white males in upper western United States like to hunt wolves? Wonder no more, hunters have made a movie, “Crying Wolf,” which lists all the justifications for wolf hunting. Your argument is invalid.

Among their reasons:

  • The nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values, and the bible explicitly states that man has dominion and stewardship over all animals
  • God gave them property, and they should be free to protect their property from government intrusion
  • Liberal, left-wing, extreme environmentalists are trying to take away their land and way of life
  • Wolves kill other animals, such as elk and deer. To prevent this, they should be able to hunt the wolves to keep the balance.
  • The wolf has never been biologically endangered, therefore they can hunt it
  • Hunters are environmentalists, and know more about nature than scientists, academics, liberals, math, data, the government, etc etc
  • Conspiracy: The wolf is a tool used by liberal left extreme environmentalists to stop ranchers from grazing cattle for free on public lands

Source: Crying Wolf Movie

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    More positive proof that we are a nation of imbeciles.
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    This is a fucking joke, right?
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    “Conspiracy: The wolf is a tool used by liberal left extreme environmentalists to stop ranchers from grazing cattle for...
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    Watch as I bang my head against...the sheer stupidity of people.
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  11. sailsmart said: Rubbish. Leave the wolves alone. Farmers don’t need guns anymore. We’ve passed that stage of barbarism.
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    I’ve never been much of the “protect dem wolves cause they so majestic”(not that I have anything against wolf...
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    oh my fucking god. If you let these idiots run free they’ll destroy any plot of communal land from their own god damn...
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    I own a movie sort of like this, but it’s about a couple who live out in the forest with them and don’t kill them.
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