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Meet Romeo, a lone black wolf who lived in Mendenhal Glacier Juneau, Alaska for 10 years. Handsome, photogenic, and friendly with the locals, he became a legend. He’s the focus of a new book, Romeo: The Story of an Alaskan Wolf.

…The true and heartwarming account of an urban legend. Orphaned and alone, Romeo has made the Mendenhal Glacier outside Juneau his territory for the past decade, subsisting on a diet of small mammals and fish.

Unafraid of tourists and locals and eager to play with his canine cousins that accompany them, he has taught thousands of people that wolves are playful and not vicious killers to be feared but on the contrary that their need to be accepted and loved is just as vital to living fulfilled lives as it is for us humans.

Through his compelling photographs, close observation and telling detail, together with the personal stories of others who spent time with him, John Hyde has turned Romeo’s compelling story into a unique book that will be treasured by those who love the wildlife of Alaska and elsewhere.

More on Romeo, here. And a link to the book, here.

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    Also don’t forget to check out Romeo’s other book called “A Wolf Called Romeo” by Nick Jans.
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